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Virtu-NUG has its challenges: But what to present? Next Generation Reflex proves to be good choice

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With the announcement that the planned NonStop Technical Boot Camp has gone virtual means many of us will be fine-tuning our presentation skills. In front of a camera, no less! And while this may be natural for some, there are few vendors with Hollywood credentials. Fortunately, with the Virtu-NUG events of late, we have at least been given the opportunity to brush up on skills.

Few of us facing a video “tapping” have access to studio-level equipment nevertheless the quality of the videos used during the last series of virtual events met the needs of participants. Fortunately, the year 2020 will not finish with the equivalent of Academy Awards but as we adjust to this global pandemic and the isolation and self-distancing it calls for, with practice comes confidence and who knows, the NonStop community might enjoy such interactions.


I have been presenting, training and pronouncing on the advantages of Insider Technologies product set for over 20 years, across various User Groups, customer installations and training sessions but not one of them has involved the use of video. When Karl Gilbank, Insider Technologies Managing Director, looked at the new Reflex UI and suggested to me:

“Dave, you need to make a video presentation about the latest UI, how it was developed, the advantages of LightWave Server for the development process and then then introduce it at the upcoming Virtu-NUG”.

Looking to retain full employment I dutifully accepted the challenge and proceeded to write a script even as I weathered numerous rewrites, and when the time came, it seemed to do the job even as I have to admit, it felt a little odd watching myself taking my turn in the spotlight. Yes, I couldn’t help it but I just had to see what the finished product looked like even if it did seem strange.


As I was later to admit, I wasn’t too keen on watching it but vanity, intrigue and masochism prevailed.  In the end, I was glad I did, because I was quite proud of my little self and it did stand up to other presentations in VIRTU-NUG.

My presentation just happened to be the second part of a two part presentation that called upon NuWave to precede me – Insider Technology and NuWave are now partners and NuWave’s LightWwve Server just happens to be representative of our first collaboration. A report on this and more appeared recently in the July – August 2020 issue of The Connection – look for the article Next Generation Reflex @ VIRTU-NUG.

If this hyperlink doesn’t take you to the article, then cut and paste this url into your browser:

With as much discussion as there is today about the new normal and what seminars, conferences and events will look like there is no escaping the reality that virtual is here to stay. Is it a step forward in user – vendor interaction that delivers the same social networking opportunities that we have been used to is still very much up in the air – or just temporary awkwardness ?

However, what cannot be discounted is that this is the normal for now and that for many of us, myself included, we will just have to spend more time in front of a mirror, practicing! For now, we still have our web site and the phones still work. Should you like to know more about Insider Technology and about our next generation Reflex, then visit our site or email us directly. We welcome all opportunities to discuss these latest developments with you!