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We are all part of the same community; NonStop TBC21 attracts international audience!




TCM Oct 21

It’s hard to imagine now that once upon a time the Appalachians, the Scandinavian Mountain Range, the Little Atlas of Morocco shared a path through the Scottish Highlands.

A single mountain range once connected back in ancient times is known as the Central Pangean Mountains. It also happens to be among the oldest mountain ranges on the planet. As one of the last remaining icons of past tectonic activity it provides a tangible evidence of just how connected everything on the planet happens to be – no coincidence then that it takes something as obvious as a mountain range to confirm such happenstance.

As this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2021 (NonStopTBC21) came to end and we switched off our desktop displays and called it a night we couldn’t help but notice that with extremely short notice, Connect and HPE were able to attract a thousand, perhaps more, participants. They were attendees to be sure but here at TCM we like to think each and every attendee was an enthusiastic participant sharing a connection through our appreciation of HPE NonStop systems. Be it as NonStop customers, NonStop vendors or HPE NonStop team members we are all part of the NonStop community.

It was our recognition of a number of important topics covered in NonStopTBC21 that made us aware of our own contribution to this NonStop community. While NonStop systems management is at the very core of what we do and this extends to providing cloud-based services, many of our clients can be seen taking one of three actions that aligned with what the NonStop team promoted. These included the early inroads being made by GreenLake and with it, for some customers, a migration to the new NonStop NS8 / NS4 X4 systems, the renewed focus on NonStop SQL and the many paths that lead to modernization of NonStop.

The introduction of GreenLake:

As HPE continues to promote the message of bringing the cloud experience to its users, there are a number of our NonStop clients looking to take advantage of this as-a-Service model. In an otherwise unrelated move, those of our clients upgrading to NonStop NS8 X4, for instance, are considering an acquisition via GreenLake.

“We have had experience with migrations and have come to better understand all the steps required for success and even as GreenLake has entered the conversation, we are well-positioned to help NonStop customers worldwide with such migrations. We already have GreenLake deals under way and when it comes to our European marketplace, we expect to see HPE become even more successful selling NonStop systems with GreenLake. Yes, for all those considering the GreenLake option, we can do that!”

Renewed interest in all things database:

The introduction of NonStop SQL Cloud Edition is coming at a time when there are NonStop users taking a look at the potential of NonStop SQL. As the Roland Lemoine of the HPE NonStop team said, “HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition bundles SQL/MX Database Services (DBS) with a new API for Workload Managed Services (WMS) together with NonStop SQLXPress for the highest level of security as well as NonStop Database Analyzer (NSDA) for real-time database workload monitoring. In so doing it has made the day to day life of the DBA a lot easier.” As for the target audience, once again the NonStop team is focused on addressing the needs of applications where hybrid client-database server environments are present.

“Our NonStop user customers have found that they need access to expertise in NonStop SQL database and that such expertise includes an understanding of what NonStop is providing with these updates to NonStop SQL. At TCM we have a history of helping our clients with deployments of NonStop SQL and see the increased interest in this NonStop product offering growing in the near term.”

The modernization of NonStop:

It was hard to escape the numerous sessions that simply reinforced how modern NonStop systems have become and how easy it is to integrate NonStop within the enterprise using modern APIs, development tools and products, particularly when it comes to supporting the DevOps models favored by many of our NonStop users. Whether the talks turned to discussions on the merits of interfacing with Kafka or Splunk, leveraging skillsets surrounding Kubernetes or simply, taking advantage of JSON it all came back to just how well the NonStop community has responded to ensuring NonStop participation in the enterprise continues for a very long time.

“The knowledge of vendor offerings within TCM is second to none. We have seen almost every combination of products and services from a variety of vendors. We have worked on numerous projects that have seen NonStop users capitalize on the work that has been ongoing for some time now to ensure NonStop’s presence continues and that the customer develops a better understanding as to where NonStop makes the best contribution to the business at hand.”

Continents may share common ancestry with regard to their mountain ranges but it doesn’t take the presence of a mountain to confirm the presence of a thriving community with shared interests. However, mountain ranges and whether it is Scotland that is at the center of them or not, coming away from the recent NonStopTBC21 once again confirmed that with the right mix of content, attendees will be drawn into participating in discussions focused on the ever-growing presence of NonStop within the HPE community of users.

And no matter the subject of presentations provided by the NonStop team, rest assured that as continue to grow our presence in multiple regions then again, yes, we can do that! We can provide the help you may need during any stage of a migration, an upgrade or a change in licensing arrangement as we have the experience, the knowledge and perhaps most of all,  the trust of the NonStop community.

Should you have any questions about TCM and the services we provide to the NonStop user community or in any of the topics covered above then don’t hesitate in reaching out to us as we would be only too happy to hear from you.

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