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Welcome 2021! Lusis TANGO on HPE NonStop

Lusis Payments


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While payment processing is constantly evolving, the fundamentals have not changed—perform transactions at high speed with round-the-clock availability and absolute security. Changes come in the form of new financial services—how they are delivered and managed with increasing frequency. To keep pace in a dynamic industry and outperform competitors, you need modern, flexible solutions that help streamline new offerings.

TANGO’s state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled configurability due to its microservices-based architecture foster creation of new business services rapidly, enable interoperability with in-house and third-party applications, and facilitate support for current and future payment components. And HPE NonStop is always adapting, such as hardware-independent HPE Virtualized NonStop in a VMware environment as well as support for rich tools for DevOps.

Together, Lusis TANGO on HPE NonStop helps keep your payments processing environment at the forefront of financial services and customer experience.

Please enjoy our short video on TANGO.

As the New Year begins, we know there will be many new challenges ahead. We welcome all that 2021 has in store for us with enthusiasm and anticipation for all the opportunities around the world.

Brian Miller
General Manager
Lusis Payments