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Welcome to the cloud experience with HPE NonStop SQL

By Roland Lemoine, NonStop Product Manager




HPE May 21

Perhaps it was the image of clouds shrouding Shanghai’s skyscrapers. Or perhaps it was simply the title of my latest post to the HPE community blog. Irrespective of whatever proved to be most captivating for the NonStop community, it led to many of you to read in full my latest post, Welcome to the cloud experience with HPE NonStop SQL. For that, the NonStop product team is encouraged by the interest and this latest investment HPE is making in NonStop SQL is one the NonStop community shouldn’t overlook.

Many of you know the history of NonStop SQL but even now you might be more than a little surprised to read of how these investments are leading to renewed interest in NonStop SQL. You may have been surprised about how emphatic HPE executives have been about highlighting that data is created on NonStop and with that, maintained within a NonStop SQL database. For a very long time now, this data was moved off-platform but now, it will be very easy for all other processes to access the data whether they are on adjacent NonStop systems or applications running on Linux or Windows.

It is no surprise too that out of this investment in NonStop SQL, HPE is providing a NonStop SQL Cloud Edition – but what does this mean for NonStop customers? To answer this question I posted that –

For the HPE NonStop community, the recognition that it is the cloud experience that enterprises are keen to embrace is well understood. We have heard the requests from our NonStop customers wanting the simplicity of the cloud experience, but on-premises to preserve security and performance. Translation? NonStop customers want to make NonStop systems’ ultra-high availability accessible to more applications and to widely accepted enterprise standards.

We all see that as customers seek these requirements, the value proposition of NonStop resonates in a slightly different way. We have heard numerous times and from different HPE executives that, in processing transactions in the traditional role, data is created on NonStop. It’s these kinds of references that have driven increased interest in the NonStop SQL database.

Of course, renewed interest alone in NonStop SQL wouldn’t be enough to warrant further investment in NonStop SQL. Furthermore, addressing NonStop users desire for a more cloud-friendly version of NonStop SQL meant that it would be necessary to essentially hide the inner workings of the NonStop system. However, the investment HPE had been making in NonStop SQL meant that the product was well-prepared to face this challenge. This is what led me to make the following observation in my post –

Leveraging the newly-implemented support for multi-tenancy, whereby database deployments can be achieved in a matter of minutes, HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition bundles SQL/MX Database Services (DBS) with a new API for Workload Managed Services (WMS) together with NonStop SQLXPress for the highest level of security— plus NonStop Database Analyzer (NSDA) for real-time database workload monitoring. This makes the data base administrator’s day-to-day life a lot easier.

It is clear that the ISV community heavily invested in providing micro-services based solutions for Linux and Windows will find NS SQL Cloud Edition of great interest. Simply put, it just makes the whole process of accessing an industry-standard database via industry-standard APIs (and where the levels of availability together with scalability are unmatched by any other product) much easier.

However, with the renewed interest in NonStop came the responsibility to ensure that the NonStop SQL Cloud Edition would be delivered as a turnkey database software bundle. We knew that we needed to bring the simplicity and agility of the public cloud experience into your data center. With this new bundle you will find that it completely abstracts clustering and distributed SQL complexity while combining the highest levels of availability, scalability, data integrity, and performance out of the box. The good news is plain and simple; NonStop SQL continues to evolve with the marketplace and with the interest in on-prem, hybrid IT where a unifying cloud experience is proving desirable, the NonStop team has delivered a key component in meeting these requirements.

If as yet you haven’t read my post then simply click on the hyperlink above of cut and past this url into your browser –