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We’re here, we’re ready.

TCM Interim NonStop Support Solutions




With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to dominate the international social and business landscape, TCM wishes to communicate a message to our Customers and NonStop colleagues around the world:

We are here, and we are ready.

For almost a decade, TCM has promoted the value of high-quality remote NonStop support solutions through our NonStop Centre of Excellence, citing the importance of contingency planning and being prepared for the worst. The key benefit of such an approach is that TCM can reach customers across the globe, meaning we can provide expert NonStop solutions no matter the location. This is especially valuable to customers in places where resource of this quality is difficult to find. The current situation goes beyond most people’s wildest fears, nevertheless we at TCM are resolute in our ability to continue to provide stable and secure NonStop solutions, while our global leaders and medical professionals work towards a resolution.

Should any organisation feel there would be benefits to having an additional layer of support or cover in place throughout the coming months, TCM is on had to provide this. TCM will work with the Customer to find a solution that fits within their current setup. As an illustration of possible services, TCM can provide the following Interim Support Solutions:

Whatever your need, TCM has the flexibility and capability to ensure you are taken care of. We do not know how long this pandemic and it’s repercussions may last, but TCM will be here to help throughout, whether that be for a week, a month or a year. By working together we can ensure that what is within our control remains safe, secure and intact until we get through to the other side.

We hope everyone is staying safe and in good health. If you have any concerns over the support of your critical NonStop systems, please speak to TCM today by emailing: and we will respond immediately.