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What does 2017 hold for Pyalla Technologies?

As the client community grows, it’s not just blog posts that dominate our time but increasingly, vendors and users alike are looking for even greater insight into all things NonStop!

Pyalla Technologies Ltd.



In recent times I have been asked to explain, in a lot more detail than ever before, the business model for Pyalla Technologies, LLC. What appears to interest those asking the question has more to do with me explaining how I have managed to build a business from the low-key blogging I began doing back when I was part of the GoldenGate business development team. It seems to surprise many that such a humble beginning could turn into something a lot more enjoyable (for me) even as it led to support of numerous publications (for my clients). If there is any truth in the old maxim about those who can, do, and those who can’t teach then perhaps one other truism needs to be added – those who can, do; those who can’t teach; and yes, those who have managed to do both, write!

Digital media channels – social or otherwise – have become the primary source for information on all manner of topics. They aren’t always equally as reliable a source as we would like them to be and it does take some reflection on what is provided before confidence is reached about the content provided but there is no discounting the value many of these channels provide. And while I may have my critics concerned about just how enthusiastic I am when it comes to HPE and NonStop, this is not something I am going to apologize for – two decades plus experience working with NonStop systems has given me a lot of confidence in what I post to the digital media channels I support.

I have to be careful about carrying the image of teachers too far – my sister Judy has only recently retired as a teacher. However, when it comes to the business model for Pyalla there’s more than simply writing a blog post that helps make the company what it is. Central to the pursuits of the company into the world of digital media is the partnerships Pyalla enjoys with its clients. Furthermore, these partnerships have helped me transition into the world of analysis. Not quite to the level of a Gartner or an IDC, but performing analysis on HPE and NonStop all the same.

Today there is an awareness among the NonStop vendor community about just how quickly the NonStop team is moving and with that, the realization that input from multiple sources is necessary before critical business decisions can be made – and this is an aspect of the business of Pyalla that is on the upswing and fortunately for the clients of Pyalla, it is something I very much enjoy doing. Turns out that as the diversity among my clients has increased so too has been the input I am receiving and with additional inputs, better-educated speculation can be made. It’s a really good checkpoint when it comes to my clients wanting to continue investing in NonStop that they are turning to multiple sources before making critical business decisions – obviously the more input they obtain, the less likelihood of making mistakes – but it’s also not something I had anticipated happening when Pyalla was first created back in 2009.

However, there is another and even more important story here and one I will be devoting more time to covering in future blog posts. The NonStop user community is turning once again to NonStop and there is significant system upgrades being contemplated. It’s all happening for NonStop! No more apologies to fellow IT professionals about relying on NonStop and no more reluctance to tell others that they are moving applications onto NonStop. There has been no letup in the publicity being given to applications that fail at critical times and the newspapers and television shows are ever ready to pounce on stories of systems outages, be they at banks, retailers, airlines or (gasp!) cloud services providers! Yes, fault tolerance is back in favor and enterprises wanting to know more about true fault tolerance are beginning to ask more and more questions about their options for building fault tolerant solutions even in clouds!

I wasn’t able to make it to the NonStop Partner Symposium held in late March but with the clients I support, some of what was covered has begun to come my way. While all of them were guarded about breaking strict confidentiality agreements that they had in place with HPE, it was clear that the availability of Virtualized NonStop (VNS) was a hot topic as were changes / enhancement to NS SQL/MX. Yes, anchoring solutions that need fault tolerance to an SQL database being provisioned on the basis of a DBaaS offering that in turn was fault tolerant, has merit and these same enterprises looking to improve their levels of availability can do well to consider NS SQL/MX to anchor their solutions.

The business of Pyalla today varies by clients but within the mix there is support for numerous digital media channels that can be seen with the posts that are published. There is also webinars and presentations given to customers that have increased in number as well. And then too there is the analysis of all things HPE and NonStop that continues to grow in importance and for all of this to have developed over a relatively short period of time, Pyalla is extremely thankful. If your business could benefit from any of these services then yes, Pyalla is still taking on new clients so please, don’t put it off. Give either Margo or me a call and we will be only too happy to look at developing a program that can best address your most pressing needs.

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC