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What is data-centric protection, you ask?



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It’s been a common saying for some time, that it is not a matter if organizations are being breached but when!

As a result, companies are investing more and more in data protection. Ever tighter compliance rules and regulations require organizations to develop sound security strategies to protect their valuable data assets and to ensure data privacy.

Protecting data is more critical than ever before. Data is one of the most valuable assets for organizations as they become more and more data-driven. Customers demand data privacy and partners expect that you conduct business with their data in a secure manner.

But how do you protect that valuable data effectively?

The key to a successful data protection strategy is to protect the data elements themselves, which ensures that even when there is a breach and criminals gain access to the data, it is of no value to them. That’s where data-centric security comes in as it focuses on the protection of data itself.

We’ve been talking to our customers and many security experts, and in these talks, we regularly touched on several different protection methods and their merits (or shortcomings).

In this ebook, we summarize our findings, and we take a closer look at

Download the ebook to learn more. data protection methods