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What’s in front of me is important – NonStop users capitalize on Striim for greater business insight

Business Intelligence is needed to run the business while Business Analytics are needed to change the business




In the 1976 movie, The Gumball Rally, the plot revolves around an unofficial (and quiet illegal) car race across the United States. One of the combatants contracts an Italian racer, Franco, to drive his Ferrari. Upon sitting in the car Franco turns to its owner and asks, “And now my friend, the first-a rule of Italian driving?” Franco then rips the rearview mirror from the Ferrari’s windscreen and throws it out of the Ferrari, answering his own question with, “What’s-a behind me is not important!”

In business, there is value in mining data that has been accumulated over time. However, what is probably more important to the enterprises is what is in front of them. What is about to happen. What comes into view that is totally unexpected – new opportunities? This was the theme of a blog post to the BI web site, Better Buys, of July 1, 2016, that I happened upon, Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics: What’s The Difference?

In that post Pat Roche, Vice President of Engineering, Noetix Products, Magnitude Software, suggests that “Business Intelligence is needed to run the business while Business Analytics are needed to change the business.” Roche then notes how, “BI is focused on creating operational efficiency through access to real time data enabling individuals to most effectively perform their job functions. BI also includes analysis of historical data from multiple sources enabling informed decision making as well as problem identification and resolution.”

For the NonStop community, there is Striim – a product designed to process data streams in real time to where in the instant something relevant to the business happens, changes can be implemented. “Business Intelligence (BI) is essentially a noun, in that it is an umbrella term of the overall scope of acquiring, persisting, warehousing, analyzing and reporting insights along with everything else in its periphery,” said Dipak Bhudia, Chief Product Architect, Clear Analytics. “Business Analytics on the other hand is more of a verb, the act of discovering insights using any tooling or services at your disposal.”

Should you not be familiar with Striim and its value proposition to solutions running on NonStop check out the Striim web site and for more on BI versus BA, check out the recent blog posted there, Business Intelligence versus Business Analytics – Striim helps you get out front of what’s happening today!