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What’s new with Tributary Systems and Storage Director

By Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business

Tributary Systems


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Before I get started with this update on Tributary’s products and partnerships, it’s our sincere hope that all NonStop Insider readers and their families have remained healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the situation slowly winds down, and the global economy comes back on-line, we here at TSI remain ready and able to help any NonStop customers with their backup/restore requirements, because we’re considered an essential business, we’ve never shut down, so we’re set to hit the ground running!

So what’s new?

How about TSI’s announcement of a Technology Agreement with Hitachi? We’re very excited about this, so take a moment to read this Press Release from Business Wire detailing the new Tributary Systems/Hitachi Technology Alliance Agreement:

From the release “Tributary Systems announced the addition of Hitachi Vantara LLC as a technology alliance partner with a new Interoperability Agreement signed between the two companies. This agreement allows the integration of Tributary Systems’ Storage Director® with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) arrays and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) object storage, enabling data from any host or backup management application to be backed up and tiered to these Hitachi solutions. In addition, Storage Director offers an ultra-high performance data path to HCP cloud object storage enabling HCP to be deployed as both a near-line active backup/restore as well as an archive solution.” Continue reading the rest of the release for more information on Storage Director and how it seamlessly interfaces with Hitachi Storage, allowing NonStop customers complete access to Hitachi’s VSP arrays, and HCP Cloud Object Storage.

Likewise, Storage Director fully integrates with HPE’s Nimble Storage. We’ve created an informative brochure detaining this unique relationship, read it here:

TSI’s Storage Director Backup Appliance with Nimble Storage is a backup solution that can be deployed as a PBBA (Purpose Built Backup Appliance) for all enterprise computing platforms running Windows®, Linux®, VMware, IBMi/iSeries, HPE NonStop™ and UNIX® (HPUX,AIX)operating systems, and is compatible with TSM/Spectrum Protect, NetBackup, Commvault Simpana, BRMS and other backup applications.

The Storage Director/Nimble Storage solution replaces Dell EMC Data Domain, IBM ProtecTier and all other dedup appliances with enhanced performance at a lower TCO. This synergistic solution can backup 300+ percent faster and restore 500+ percent faster per node and per given network connection than dedup appliances. Recall that deduplication appliances are performance constrained due to in-line deduplication of data, the need for rehydration of data upon restore, the mandatory garbage cleaning requirement, and a lack of high performance tiering to archival media such as tape, hybrid or public cloud. Independent performance test data is available for review.

Not only has TSI partnered with both Hitachi and Nimble Storage, but we also fully support IBM’s FlashSystem 5000/7200. Read about it here:

Similar to TSI’s Storage Director Backup Appliance with Nimble Storage, Storage Director and IBM’s FlashSystem 5000/7200 can be deployed with all enterprise computing platforms running the same mix of operating systems, and continues to be fully compatible with TSM/Spectrum Protect, NetBackup, Commvault Simpana, BRMS and other backup applications.

And finally, here’s the Storage Director Turnkey Backup Solution brochure:

In a nutshell, TSI’s flagship product, Storage Director, is the industry leading software defined, policy-based and tiered Enterprise Purpose Built Backup Appliance that enables data from any host, OS or backup application, to be backed up to any storage device, medium or technology. Today, HPE NonStop customers are demanding an enterprise class backup/restore/archive/DR solution with object storage or cloud capability. For these customers, Storage Director interfaces with IBM’s Cloud Object Storage, Hitachi’s HCP, or any S3 compatible cloud.  Storage Director has AES 256 bit encryption of both data in flight and data at rest with optional erasure coding (if an on-premise object storage archival platform is used).

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Of course, if you’d like additional information on NonStop Tape or Storage Director, visit, or call Matt Allen at 817-786-3066 (office) or 713-492-7434 (cell).


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