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What’s up at ITUGLIB?

Bill Honaker


Sadly, your support team at ITUGLIB is at the point that our beloved NS 2000 (‘HPITUG’) is at the end of its support life.  We have been working with HPE to understand how they might be able to help, but it seems certain we won’t be able to solve the problem the same way we did nine years ago with a generous donation of hardware.  We are currently looking at all of our options, which include the possibility of a TNS-V solution.

Because of this, and to continue to provide services you want and need, we’ve opened an Online Survey on Connect’s web site.  Since ITUGLIB is a service provided by members, for members, we want to know some key things such as what you depend on, how you access it, and what your future needs are.

When you have a few minutes over the next couple of days, please go to and take the survey.  We estimate it should take less than 15 minutes of your time.

We will be paying very close attention to the results of this survey to help us make sure that whatever choices we make, they’re done with our membership’s needs in mind.  Please take a few minutes to take the survey for us!



Bill Honaker  – ITUGLIB Engineering Team – XID Software, Inc. – Euless, Texas, USA