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When it comes to managed services, choosing the right one shouldn’t be an Olympian undertaking!




TCM Aug 21 - 1

“Change is the only constant in life. So said Greek philosopher Heraclitus some 2,500 years ago: Boy was he right,” began a recent article aimed at the auto industry. “Change is hard. Humans, if not naturally conservative, are overly nostalgic. When it comes to cars, we’re nostalgic through rose-tinted glasses.” The target of this observation happened to be the auto industry at large as it faced the daunting prospect of retooling to accommodate the rapid shift to electric vehicles.

If you missed reading the news, in Tokyo the 2020 Olympic Games, albeit the year is 2021, has just come to a close. The global pandemic and our accommodation of the far from normal times we live in saw this Olympic Games pushed back by a year. For many it has been occasion to reflect on past performances, with sports commentators only too happy to return to previous performances as a yardstick against which to measure what is happening today. Nothing much has changed in this regard; swimmers still swim, runners still run and rowers still row.

For the NonStop community, it has always been about change. Technology has no room for outdated systems even as there is no place for processes and methodologies that offer up only a hindrance to embracing change. Even with the best of intentions, many members of the NonStop community look back at how far NonStop systems have come and for more than a few of them, the rose-tinted glasses are clearly in evidence. However, there is no denying that the NonStop team is delivering systems that meet today’s changing IT landscape in that whether you need a traditional system, a virtual system or simply access to solutions on the basis of “as-a-Service,” you have a choice.

But change is hard. As an October 16, 2020, post to the Psychology Today blog, What makes Change Difficult? observed, one “reason that makes change difficult is that we are not ready and willing for change. We may be comfortable where we are and even scared to step into the unknown. As long as our current state provides us with comfort and security, making the change will be difficult.”

Think back to the year when American high jumper, Dick Fosbury, debuted his now famous Fosbury Flop at the 1968 Olympics and won the gold medal – a style unique at the time but now emulated by every serious high jumper. His winning jump highlighted just how important it was to embrace change even when it seemed an almost impossible approach to jumping.

“Besides being too comfortable where we are, or being too scared to make a change, what makes change seem difficult is that we are not really convinced about how much better life will be after we make the change. Is all the effort worth it?” As the Psychology Today post noted, “Being unable to envision what life will be like after the transformation dampens our motivation.”

The number of options that can be selected today is proving to be an additional layer of complexity many NonStop users have not faced before. Familiarity gained over the years is proving to be only so helpful and the need to call upon experienced hands to help out is becoming more important. As difficult as change may be we can envision the benefits that will follow and our motivation should be fueled by the possible and not be hindered by uncertainty over the unknown.

Separately, each NonStop user may have become comfortable with just one aspect of their NonStop system at the expense of something else but collectively, across the NonStop community, there are those that have seen many more aspects of NonStop deployments. Alternatively, our practice here at TCM has experienced practically every possible configuration imaginable as we have extended our support for NonStop users around the world.

There is a reason why the NonStop community has come to depend upon managed services vendors providing access to much-needed skillsets as is evident in the way TCM supports the NonStop community. Reaching out to TCM should be foremost in the minds of every NonStop user as they address change and unlike change itself, reaching out to TCM isn’t hard to do. Unlike the game’s events we watch, it doesn’t take an Olympian effort to call upon the experienced hands at TCM.

If you missed reading our latest article published in the June issue of NonStop Insider, As NonStop supporters TCM depends upon muscle memory to augment our skillsets you would have missed reading of references to TCM CEO, Daniel Craig as he explains the value that comes from working in the changing world of NonStop systems:

“Rest assured we have been practicing NonStop for a very long time. We have the experience to support almost all of the systems and solutions and on the off-chance we run into something new, we know who to reach out to for more informed insights as to how best to manage. Expressed another way, we have the memory of who can do what, and do it well, simply from being there working alongside our customers.”

Whether it is migrating to a new NonStop system, adding a new application or interfacing with cloud services and you do run into something new or perhaps different from what you may be familiar with, then know that there are others who have seen it all! The auto industry may be challenged by changing society expectations and be facing massive changes as a result but so too is the HPE pursuit of bringing the cloud experience to you. A new platform and a new way to consume technology; are you fully prepared to embrace this change?

If you experience any difficulties getting to the article, you can always cut and paste this link into your browser –

Should you have any questions as to how knowledgeable our TCM team is and how we continue to gain experience working with NonStop users already embracing the changes we all see coming, don’t hesitate in reaching out to us as we would be only too happy to hear from you.

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