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NonStop users should look to Paragon and it’s automated testing products



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Movie producers and directors have been fascinated by automation, robots and aliens, and yes, artificial intelligence (AI). We all are fascinated by what the future might hold for us. Screenplay writers looking to make a visual impact on an audience have plenty of scope today as almost anything can be represented on the big screen. As a community intimately involved with computers, NonStop users are just coming to grips with the value that comes with applying AI to systems interacting with end users. If we can add an understanding of end user behavior into our transaction exchanges, merchants can provide many more tailored services that can influence these users’ decision making in a positive manner that produces better financial results.

At this time of year producers, directors and screenplay writers have all been wrapped up in the proceedings of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as those involved in making films are looking to win Oscars as rewards for the efforts they have made to entertain us all. This year, and to the surprise of many, a SciFi / Fantasy movie, The Shape of Water, won the Oscar for best picture – the first for a move from this genre for quite a long time. Of course, when it came to an Oscar for the best visual effects, the prize went to the more popular Blade Runner 2049, continuing a fascination with AI and robots / androids.

It was only a short time ago that another winner of the Oscar for best visual effects had been Ex Machina (nominated for best original screenplay as well), where the premise of the movie was whether the Turing test of the 1950s still had merit and whether Eva, a lifelike facsimile of a human gifted with AI, would be indistinguishable from a human. While the Turing test wasn’t carried out in the environment that its author had originally proposed, when machine and human were screened from the tester, in essence, Eva failed the test. However, as the movie ended Eva demonstrated more than enough AI to fool the helicopter pilot into flying her back to the city.

Fortunately, the world of science fiction is mostly that, fiction. But what cannot be ignored today is the big inroads automation and AI are making into the solutions we run, the applications supporting those solutions, the heterogeneous mix of platforms on which they run. HPE has published a post to its Enterprise.nxt web page, Is AI the magic bullet for your company’s data glut? It makes the observation, “With all of the excitement around artificial intelligence, companies are not only concerned about whether AI is capable of delivering such value, but also where they should begin.”

AI and the impact on our applications was the theme, too, of the February 27, 2017, post to the Paragon Edge Blog, AI: A FUTURE THAT WILL TEST US ALL! In that post reference was made to the impact AI is having on testing tools and to the fact that NonStop users may want to look at testing of applications as a good place to begin exploring the benefits of AI. On the same topic and in a feature article for the publication Payments Source, Payment companies aren’t taking advantage of AI’s testing strength, Steve Gilde, Paragon’s Director of Global Payments, said, “Artificial intelligence is now leveraged in a number of different ways, such as personal financial management (PFM) tools, fraud monitoring and alerting systems and customer service chatbots.” And yet, according to Gilde, “Too many financial services providers are still largely relying on dated testing systems developed in the 1980s that depend on manual testing in physical labs.”

With so many financial institutions relying on applications running on NonStop, “the NonStop teams need to be leading the charge towards automated and integrated testing especially from those vendors of testing products that are embracing AI or they will get left behind. Or much worse, see alternative platforms replacing NonStop.”  Indeed, for many NonStop users, when it comes to automated testing it is oftentimes a case of “don’t touch that” – our NonStop system is unique and needs to be dealt with completely differently to our other systems. Really? With all that HPE has done of late to bring NonStop into the world of commoditization and open systems, are these sentiments still justified? The reality is that given the changes done to NonStop the NonStop user community needs to be seen to be every bit as open and engageable as HPE has so enthusiastically demonstrated.

Paragon is sending yet again another clear message for those NonStop users looking to how best to begin working with AI.  “Paragon is focused on helping our clients to exploit automated testing capabilities and our intelligent solutions, like Virtual Host, provide real value and competitive advantage.  We are committed to making our solutions as intelligent as possible and look forward to the AI future of testing” said Gilde.  If you would like to know more about us and how AI is impacting the development of our automated testing tools, please feel free to contact us directly. And don’t forget to check out the Paragon Edge blog ( to find the latest posts on this topic and other topics.

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