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Who is supporting all this rapid e-Commerce growth?




With more and more consumers like you and I turning to the internet to make their purchases online, it’s no wonder the world around us is changing fast.  We’ve all seen the consumer e-Commerce statistics in the press. Whether it’s Amazon, Ebay, or other platforms, we as consumers are driving this double-digit growth in e-Commerce. In fact the UK is a leading market in this regard, and in its efforts to deliver our orders ever more quickly, logistics companies are snapping up more and more local warehouse space in the race to get those products to us ever more quickly.

This growth is creating problems for the underlying infrastructure that helps to deliver all the capability, so some robust IT infrastructure is required to underpin all this store-front order & customer payment, scaling together with it.

So how are e-Commerce providers managing to cope with this growth?

One of the areas where the HPE community are making great headway is helping legacy Oracle customers to alleviate their application growth issues.  Customers globally have successfully migrated their old Oracle infrastructure to the more open and scalable NonStop SQL/MX infrastructure without disturbing their valued applications.  In doing so, they have removed the performance ceilings that they are suffering and given their application environments a new lease of life.

However, achieving a successful migration in real-time while keeping the business functioning requires some good planning, great tools and it doesn’t hurt to have a trusted, experienced partner to offer some assistance.

Enter: TCM.

If an organisation is considering migrating their application onto NonStop, then having the support of an organisation like TCM is crucial. TCM is dedicated to the NonStop platform and in over 20 years of operation has been responsible for the delivery of numerous application migrations. TCM will ensure the new environment is configured and optimised for a seamless transition. Furthermore, TCM’s proven migration methodology will provide assurances of zero-downtime throughout the whole process. And if that wasn’t enough, as experts in NonStop, TCM can provide a wealth of supplementary support services to ensure an organisations system and application is stable and secure – from the design and documentation of processes and procedures, to performance improvement projects, right through to taking on the end-to-end management of the NonStop environment. Quite simply, TCM can provide a lot of value adds.

If you’d like to learn more about what TCM can do to smooth the way for your business move to embrace NonStop SQL/MX, please do get in touch with us.  We’d be pleased to partner with you on your business evolution.

For more information on the broad range of NonStop services, please find us at or email us at