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TCM MAR 21 - 1

Digital transformation continues; hybrid IT progresses and modernization efforts proceed at a rapid pace. For the NonStop community, there is a steady stream of media coverage about all of this and much more – are you embracing Microservices with APIs? We are on a journey that is taking us from the information age to the age of insight and all the while, we are left working on current business solutions on which our enterprises rely to stay in business. All the while, NonStop customers are left wondering, who are they going to call?

Television shows and movies have played to this theme for decades. For those who feel outnumbered or without an advocate then they can call The Equalizer. If you face government agencies that have gone rogue then you had better call the A Team. When it comes to blockbuster movies there was none bigger than Ghostbusters, with one of the all-time best theme songs, Who you gonna call? A catchphrase that has found its way in many of our conversations! As has turning to the A Team!

In our previous article, The stone in your shoe!, we wrote of the irritations that keep NonStop system managers awake at night. These are the many technology gaps that open up when you begin to integrate NonStop application with other external applications running on systems with architectures vastly different from NonStop. We referenced the heterogeneous nature of IT and in so doing we made reference to the “spaces in between”. Whether it has to do with networking, accessing remote storage platforms or simply passing data between systems, each comes with a unique set of problems and they aren’t always recognizable immediately. The spaces-in-between covers a lot of ground!

When we talk about the spaces-in-between we are addressing the many gaps that are common place in today’s technology. We may even call them grey areas, where the path forward isn’t clear. They may not be apparent at first but when we begin the process of integrating NonStop applications with other external applications it doesn’t take too long before someone in IT asks the question: How do we do this? Whether it is looking to normalize the way data is backed up from many different systems or simply looking at accessing a microservice via a popular API, there are learning curves many IT organizations experience difficulties addressing.

Along the way, IT organizations come to realize these gaps are unique to their own use of different solutions. If such gaps were common place within enterprise IT organizations then they would have been plugged a long time ago by one third-party or another. It’s the nature of gaps that the more frequently that they are encountered the sooner they are addressed. However, not everyone you turn to has the ability to address the many unique gaps that open up for today’s NonStop user.

TCM MAR 21 - 2

TCM brings an attitude of can-do; we are proving ourselves as the party to call when you need help in filling in gaps as they open up. With as many NonStop users as we support we have experienced many of the situations that have kept NonStop system managers awake at nights. Our attitude of can-do is backed up by the aptitude of our key personnel; those in our team that we can access in the full knowledge that they can be comfortable addressing your unique instance. As an organization that fills in gaps – be they pertaining to networking, accessing storage platforms or simply passing data between systems – TCM is levelling the playing field for our customers to allow them to compete in their industry vertical.

Hybrid IT is with us to stay. The arguments favoring deployment on clouds are only becoming stronger and with virtual NonStop and more recently, NonStop SQL coming out with a Cloud Edition, the potential for new gaps to appear is high. Whether your priorities lie with modernizing the applications already deployed or simply migrating process or data to clouds, what is expected of the NonStop system manager is actions to address all modernization and migration initiatives. What we are helping these NonStop users achieve is exactly this – bringing into the equation expertise we have gained that otherwise would not be accessible resulting in a rebalancing of priorities that doesn’t let any new gaps open even wider.

TCM MAR 21 - 3

TCM may not have all the answers, immediately. We might not have a template on hand that addresses all the issues. The strength of TCM lies in the experience already gained together with the knowledge of who to call upon for help with your unique situation. With an expanding presence around the planet, there is rarely a situation involving NonStop that we cannot help address. TCM has consistently proven itself as being adept at problem solving even as it is fully aware that there are occasions where the introduction of NonStop may in fact appear to be complicating the situation.

Knowledge comes in many forms and experience is gained from pursuing different deployments but TCM knows NonStop and the hybrid IT world in which NonStop now resides. Should your own situation be in need of a team familiar with filing in the gaps that then lead to a levelling of the playing field, then let us know. Call or email us and make sure you check out our web site for further insights into what we have accomplished for other NonStop users.

Yes, you do know who you are going to call and we are only too happy to hear from you.

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