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Why I am going to the 50th Tandem Reunion – and you should too

By Steve Saltwick

NonStop Insider


Tandem Computers was the best company I ever worked for – BAR NONE.

Working for Tandem was an experience I will NEVER forget: the people, the parties (…as in Billion Dollar), the customer support – I am not sure there will be another such company. Ever created like Tandem. I certainly know that I will never work for such a company in my remaining life.

So; I want to CELEBRATE Tandem at the 50-year mark. I will bring a few mementos for the Tandem Museum at the event:

My April 10, 1989 Networking Announcement T-shirt. This announcement was so powerful, we had an earthquake soon after that. I challenge all to bring a more powerful T-shirt!

A copy of the HORSEY AND DUCKIE presentation. Not only was Jimmy crazy enough to put me in front of 1500 dudes and present this in Phoenix – he also made me present it to the Board of Directors – WITHOUT CHANGING THE FOILS (remember them?!). What other CEO would do such a crazy thing.

An original “SAY REVENUE DUDE” button from NonStop Messaging Days.

I challenge all to bring a better button! Or any other item cooler than this….

I might even bring my cape and mask…

So, come to the Beer Bust on Friday, September 6,2024 in DFW. You can fly in that day and fly out the next. Come give a toast to one of the best companies that has ever been or ever will be.

Jimmy is planning on being there. You should too.

Sign up below – and I will see you in September.




Note from the editorial team: For all of 1989, Richard commuted between Sydney and Cupertino. One of the key influencers for supporting his eventual move to Cupertino happened to be Steve and in that same year, albeit December 1989, that transition was finalized. If you are still undecided about going to this major reunion then perhaps you should just go if only to meet and greet Steve and enjoy the many anecdotes about 1980s life at Tandem Computers.