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Why NonStop should be the platform of choice in an On-Line, Real-Time, All-the-Time world



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Business is about setting and achieving objectives.  While easily articulated, the devil is in the details –  including providing services having high value, stickiness with Users, availability and performance, complying with regulations / privacy / security policies, quickly scaling on new information services getting traction in the market, innovating for impact to increase relevance and revenue as well as to expand business opportunities, prudently managing change to mitigate risk, etc.

While challenging, satisfying these requirements creates opportunity – providing we can articulate a very compelling NonStop value proposition – from a technical and business perspective.

For example, in a business context, the more demanding and important an application, the greater the NonStop relevance and appeal.  While this typically is a new application or opportunity, it can also be a current application that has become critical to the business.

To explain, current applications that now operate on-line, real-time, all-the-time are better suited for a platform designed for this environment.  Increasing the importance of this is aligning applications and platforms to enable organizations better monetize value creation, increase and expand revenue streams, deliver competitive advantage, reduce costs, meet rising User expectations, evolve their business model, etc.  This is important for an enterprise to increase their market share, grow current markets, and successfully enter new markets – by expanding business capabilities, increasing opportunities and relevance, as well as mitigating being marginalized by competitors, from paradigm shifts, digital disruption, etc.

Since these are huge concerns of Executives, the objective is for NonStop to be part of the solution to improve business outcomes and reduce the risks associated with change.

This achieved by positioning organizations for success with NonStop as a proven platform –


Given the importance of contributing to business success, please contact HPE or CAIL to realize these significant benefits with NonStop.


Ron Thompson  –   CEO,  CAIL   –  –