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With TANGO You Can Reduce Time-to-Market



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Lusis Apr 21 - 1

TANGO provides a modern, open SOA for acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating and authorizing transactions across multiple channels — including ATM, point of sale, Internet and mobile banking — in a multi-institution environment across different geographies. Based around a central data bus containing all transaction and configuration data, authorization is based on configurable parameterized data held in tables rather than scripts which is more performant, controllable and flexible.

Three of the world’s Top Ten banks chose TANGO for their mission critical businesses. TANGO is being utilized within every possible combination of high-performance environments.

Lusis Apr 21 - 2

TANGO’s microservices technology lets you innovate rapidly and delight your customers with a new, better experience. Enhancements and interfaces can be performed much faster than legacy solutions. The collection of autonomous services works together to provide a global service and can be developed separately and deployed and run independently. Our CBSD approach leads to reduced development and maintenance costs which provides faster time-to-market and an ongoing, cost-effective payments solution.

If your customers demand new modern banking solutions, choose TANGO and let us show you how to exceed their expectations.

Contact us or visit: to watch a brief 13-minute video on TANGO’s business framework and differentiators.