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With the new year comes new events: Will ETI-NET see you in 2020?




eti feb 2020


The year has only just begun but already ETI-NET is pulling together plans for its participation in events around the world. There shouldn’t be any surprises in reading of how we will be providing support for events where the NonStop community is known to gather – for ETI-NET this is a tried and proven way to interact with the NonStop community and to promote our products. It’s also where we hear directly from NonStop users even as we, like many of you, get to engage with the HPE NonStop team. There simply isn’t any more cost effective way to both market our products and gain valuable insight into the NonStop hardware and software roadmaps.

There has been considerable transformation in the way the NonStop team interacts with users through the decades that NonStop systems and before that, Tandem Computers, have been supporting business solutions. The vision for NonStop today is one that sees NonStop going down two distinct and yet complementary paths – a journey that is aligned with business needs that call for NonStop as a system and NonStop as a software offering. ETI-Net is a strong believer in this vision for NonStop and has aligned its own product roadmaps with this vision for NonStop. These include an upcoming Version 5 (V5) of BackBox(BB) and virtual BackBox (vBB) that are already part of the ETI-NET product roadmap that is in plan for 2020.

The NonStop team have given the community updates on new storage options and V5 will provide better integration between BB and these new storage options. V5 will also bring better dashboards that will provide more insights into backup processing as it happens together with a much better UI – both of which have come about as a direct response to what our customers have already prioritized as requirements beneficial to their overall operations.

“When it comes to the parallel paths we see emerging of both traditional NonStop and virtualized NonStop, and with the input we have received from our customers, it’s clear that 2020 will be a year where we see many migrations to  NonStop X systems being undertaken. It will also be a year where we see the first tentative steps to running NonStop as software being taken as well. Together they will open the doors to even more opportunities for ETI-NET and BB / vBB.” – Sylvain Tétreault, ETI-NET COO,

ETI-NET will be visible at major user events because the company is just as strong a believer that these are are still the best opportunity to interact with the NonStop community. We will be participating in SunTUG (Florida) February 28th. And this will be followed by events in Asia as once again, we have accepted invitations from HPE to join it in Mission Critical Systems (MCS) events – an early update on were you will be able to see ETI-NET follows at the end of this article. Of course the big events of 2020 will be supported by ETI-NET and these include the GTUG supported NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium event in Berlin, Germany, as well as the NonStop Technical Boot Camp event in Burlingame, California.

Our ties to NonStop date all the way back to 1986 and and since then we were involved in ITUG Summit, we have never waivered in our belief that our relationship with our customers and with NonStop product management and engineering teams has been beneficial to the NonStop user community. Today, our products are available directly from HPE who has supported us in the years since those early days and is a testament to our adherence to our product roadmaps and to our responsiveness to the Nonstop teams willingness to work with us on all aspects related to supporting the backup of mission critical data created on NonStop.

Make sure that in 2020 you look for us at your local Regional User Group (RUG) event as we are planning on attending as many as we can. Come and talk to us when you see us present on an exhibition floor or simply standing by a table as we welcome all of your inquiries about BackBox and vBackBox. Don’t hesitate to call us if we can be of assistance.We would be happy to talk with you any time! And at this time of the year where so many of us are giving thanks for the past year even as we celebrate the arrival of a new year we thank you all for your support!

Where to find us?


… with more venues and dates to follow as events are confirmed.


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