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Zero-Downtime Migration: How TANDsoft Solutions Make it Possible



For HPE NonStop customers, migrations are a constant, and often very daunting, prospect. At any given point, teams may need to be preparing for migrations necessitated by database tokenization or encryption, application updates, operating system or hardware upgrades, and many other efforts.

The key challenge is this: How do you make these migrations happen without incurring downtime or risking data integrity?

Developing code to help manage this process is a massive undertaking. For example, we heard from one team who dedicated more than a year to developing in-house code that could support their migration from Enscribe to SQL/MP—and they were only able to use this code one time.

While tools are available to help with database replication, these solutions don’t assist with other elements that need to be migrated, such as application environments, configuration files, and so on. Further, these solutions don’t address the need to ensure source and target files remain in synch at all times, which is vital to ensuring a smooth, error-free migration.

The Solution: FileSync and FS Compare and Repair

Today, NonStop customers can leverage solutions from TANDsoft that facilitate zero-downtime migrations. Customers can employ these solutions in tandem:

These solutions offer an ideal complement to any online replicator your team may be running in your NonStop environments.

How Our Solutions Fuel Zero-Downtime Migrations

By employing TANDsoft solutions, teams can efficiently manage their migrations, and eliminate the risk of downtime. Here’s an overview of how the process works:


To learn more, be sure to visit the FileSync and FS Compare and Repair pages. In addition, you can join us at these upcoming events: