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January, 2017 Edition
16 Articles

January Editorial

Published by: Margo Holen

Taking a look at the diverse mix of submissions from the NonStop vendor community I was struck by the multiple references to words like “cool,” “innovative,” “strong performer,” “most advanced” and even “hot!” And these weren’t simply words that the vendors themselves were using, but rather, were words bestowed upon them by prestigious ... read more


The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

After all, there’s a very big difference between processing transaction inputs and sensor alarms. With transactions there is almost always a need to respond whereas with sensors, the majority of input is simply noise. Or, as this noise was recently described by former Tandem and Oracle executive, Dr. Tim Chou, simply “digital exhaust!” ... read more


ITUGLIB: A uniquely valuable resource for your modern NonStop (Part 1)

Published by: ITUGLIB

A Re-introduction If you’ve been a long-time user of NonStop, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of a utility library called ITUGLIB. You may have even used some of the packages in it at one time or another. In case you haven’t heard, the library has been around in one form or another since the 1980s, back when the NonStop product ... read more


Striim rocks the awards season!

Published by: Striim

Looking ahead to what we see coming from HPE as far as the NonStop marketplace goes, it’s hard avoiding resorting to clichés and truisms. After all, HPE has invested a lot in NonStop over the past couple of years and we expect to see their latest addition to the NonStop family of systems – the new NonStop X system – begin shipping in ... read more


Are frameworks boring?

Published by: InfraSoft

Frameworks are boring. Frameworks operate well out of sight of most users and when a major product is built around a framework, it attracts little attention. It’s the features that attract users and when users have business needs they look to vendors with products that have those features that they require. And yet, in today’s modern ... read more


Welcoming the New Year – and watching the continuation of growth for NonStop!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

The message coming from HPE about the NonStop product family is one of return to profitability and a return to growth. This has been a major undertaking on the part of HPE executives but it goes a long way to reinforce the message that the value proposition of NonStop cannot be counted out – it’s as relevant today as it has ever been. ... read more


Who will support all the new NonStops?

Published by: TCM

Today, with the availability of totally secure connections, we are seeing our 24 x 7 remote systems management services as the fastest growing service segment within the NonStop user base. We see this growing as NonStop users look for ease of operation and piece-of-mind through proven reliability, sustainability and reduce operational ... read more


January Social Media Round Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

Looking at where the most activity has occurred over the past month, it’s hard to miss how little engagement there was apart from numerous “likes” that appeared for nearly all the discussions launched over that period. And yet, on the other hand, December is the holiday season for many members of the NonStop community so it’s not ... read more


eBITUG London 2017

Published by: BITUG

Dates: 9-10 May 2017 Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, Tower Hill, London The last time the UK hosted the European Nonstop event was in 2007, in Brighton. Ten years on BITUG is planning a similar event. It will be held at the DoubleTree Hilton just behind Trinity House in Tower Hill. It will be a fully-packed two days of presentations from ... read more


SunTUG Connect Florida

Published by: SunTUG

For the North American NonStop community this time of year fosters thoughts of warmer climates and coconut-covered shrimp in sweet chili sauce. Images of boat-drinks, with little paper umbrellas slung to one side, and long sandy beaches readily come to mind. Also, naturally, sunny days spent on luscious golf courses. As it turns out, ... read more


2017 Regional User Group Dates

Published by: NonStop Insider

Here’s a preliminary list of dates for this year’s Regional User Group Events. Check back for updates throughout the year. DUST – March 1st SUNTUG – March 17th HPE Partner Conf. – March 21-23 MENUG – March 26, 28, 30 GTUG – April 26-27 MRTUG/OTUG – March NENUG – April or May NYTUG ... read more