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December, 2016 Edition
14 Articles

December Editorial

Published by: Margo Holen

Looking through all of the submissions this month there were a couple of common threads influenced by the major event of the year, the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp. This month’s articles include observations from each vendor’s perspective on the event – and no, there wasn’t anything at all that could be interpreted as being negative. ... read more


Virtual (is) Reality

Published by: TCM

Last year when TCM came to NonStop Technical Boot Camp we were met by warm people but cold weather. This year the famously warm embrace of the NonStop masses was matched rather perfectly by the similarly cosy Californian sunshine. After a very enjoyable sponsorship debut at 2015’s event, TCM was enthused to be back, once again packing ... read more


The Continued Evolution of NonStop

Published by: IR

IR has enjoyed a long relationship with NonStop, dating back to the days when monitoring a Tandem Computer represented little more than checking resource usage and making sure processes hadn’t been stopped. Today monitoring addresses every aspect of an applications’ performance where visualization of every component is important for our ... read more


HPE Highlights Gravic’s HPE Shadowbase Solutions in Major Zero Downtime Migration

Published by: Gravic

This year’s Connect HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) was both well attended and content rich. Presentations concerning migrations to NonStop systems – whether as a complete replacement for an installed system or just the migration of an application – were popular with all attendees. Increasing the population of NonStop systems ... read more


Boot Camp keeps us all connected – and sure was well worth the miles we needed to travel!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

“HPE Discover is HPE’s largest annual trade show where we get to hear about all the latest and greatest new products.” This came across my desk in my Twitter feed and was accompanies by a video – on the writer’s new YouTube channel. Admittedly, the writer is part of 3Par and even though 3PAR is an integral part of the HPE Storage group ... read more


The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

Last month we predicted that there would be a crowd attending the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose and as it turned out, we were not disappointed. The list of attendees passed the 400 mark and with a number of promotional (i.e. free) registrations plus additional volunteers helping out the final numbers, when tallied up, looked ... read more


Looking to the future of NonStop

Published by: DataExpress

Time is passing quickly with some of the buzz surrounding the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp subsiding, but the memories remain intact. According to those from DataExpress present at the event, when it comes to a general impression, this year’s TBC was great and perhaps the best TBC ever. While not having attended all previous TBCs, it ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

Looking at the popularity of specific LinkedIn Groups, there are a couple of surprises. When it comes to the most popular LinkedIn Group focused solely on all things NonStop then it is the Tandem User Group that has proved most popular with some 3,384 members. Compare this to the membership of Connect HP User Group Community that has ... read more