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March, 2020 Edition
20 Articles

What is data-centric protection, you ask?

Published by: comforte

It’s been a common saying for some time, that it is not a matter if organizations are being breached but when! As a result, companies are investing more and more in data protection. Ever tighter compliance rules and regulations require organizations to develop sound security strategies to protect their valuable data assets and to ensure ... read more


Sweeping generalizations that count: For ETI-NET now it’s time for renewed focus on education and training!

Published by: ETI-NET

How many times have we heard sweeping generalizations  being made that have made us cringe? How many occasions have seen us witness even conservative technologists make outlandish claims? In an era where vendors are telling us that there is a silver lining, or they have been seen promoting the equivalent of the venerable Swiss Army Knife ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Have you taken advantage of this new column? Have you been checking out the posts to blogs and web sites? Seen the latest LinkedIn promotions as well as the latest Tweets? It may come as a surprise to read of the activity in support of NonStop across multiple social media channels, but it’s also a very good sign for NonStop. Should you ... read more


Prognosis: Posts to the IR Blog cover a lot of ground and when it comes to Payments, there is much to learn!

Published by: IR

How often do we check LinkedIn for updates on our favorite vendors? How frequently do we follow the links to stories referenced in the LinkedIn post and spend the time checking out the story behind the promotion? In today’s world it is hard to keep up with what is being continuously presented to us and yet, truth be known, oftentimes ... read more


The Drive to Agile and DevOps: Why Continuous Testing is a Must (Part Two)

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

  [First posted on February 13, 2020 by Paragon Application Systems and is the second part in a three part series] Like most organizations today, yours is facing increased pressure from both customers and competitors to innovate and change faster than you ever thought possible. Agile and DevOps – along with Continuous Testing – can ... read more


Striim’s Whiteboard Wednesdays’ videos will fuel the imagination of the NonStop community!

Published by: Striim

Here at Striim we are aware that our team needs to keep communities informed about how our customers achieve benefits from streaming data integration and even as there are many ways to do this, one new avenue for us is our blog. If as yet you haven’t checked out the blog you may have missed seeing the new series we kicked off that we are ... read more


HPE, NonStop and Payments – the impact of the coronavirus Novel Covid-19

Published by: Craig Lawrence

What is the cleanest and safest way to spend money these days? Apart from not spending at all I mean. Well new technology could yet come to our rescue. The new savior is surprise, surprise, contactless payment technology, a payment method that doesn’t require us to actually touch anything or handle anything but simply wave and pay.  This ... read more


A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

Published by: NonStop Insider

HPE Enterprise Account Executive, Steve Kubick, published yet another video to YouTube and once again, in publishing to YouTube he makes it easy to find and for all of you interested in catching up on this latest video, the link is included at the end of this update. This time, Steve explores the potential of virtualized NonStop (vNS) ... read more


Your PassPort to Compliance

Published by: CSP

CSP PassPort® and PCI-DSS Compliance CSP PassPort provides important security features for NonStop servers (with or without Safeguard) and greatly expands the Guardian security package. While Safeguard provides a range of authorization and authentication controls, additional controls are required to manage how users logon to TACL and/or ... read more



Published by: NonStop Insider

(Photo courtesy of NTI) It’s no coincidence that RUG events are kicking off in North America and that they are being held on both sides of the continent, much closer to the equator – Florida and Arizona. Any surprises to read that baseball’s Spring Training kicks off with the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues playing in similar locations – ... read more