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April, 2023 Edition
20 Articles

The latest on Fault Tolerance: HPE is a key player in the AL4 market according to IDC

Published by: NonStop Insider

Recently, the IDC report on Fault Tolerance as recognized by IDC as Availability Level 4 (AL4) is being highly promoted by HPE. IDC’s updated analysis of HPE, as seen prominently on social media sites liked LinkedIn, in support of SuperDome Flex being given AL4 classification. HPE’s enterprise-class computing mainstay, SuperDome Flex, ... read more


Gravic Publishes Article on Data Validation – a Must-have for Mission-Critical Databases

Published by: Gravic

Gravic published an article, Data Validation – a Must-have for Mission-Critical Databases, in the March/April issue of The Connection. In Business Continuity architectures, consistency between the production and backup systems is paramount. After all, if the backup system doesn’t match, isn’t it essentially worthless? Unfortunately, ... read more


Mastercard Broadens Availability of its Services with Lusis Payments Partnership

Published by: Lusis Payments

Mastercard Security, Controls, Digital Enablement and Loyalty services to be streamlined to customers through single API. Partnership simplifies access to solutions for Lusis customers who want to onboard services with a simple integration Mastercard (NYSE: MA) and Lusis Payments, a leading global provider of payments software and ... read more


TCM – Playing to the crowd on our home field: E-BITUG in Edinburgh, Scotland; what’s not to like? Will we see you there?

Published by: TCM

There is always a recognizable advantage when you are the home team. When it comes to an event in Edinburgh, there is so much that your TCM team knows about the town, its castle passageways and lanes, where to find the best restaurants and pubs and perhaps most important of all, where to go for a wee dram of whisky. The home team always ... read more


Creating Enhanced Payments

Published by: Lusis

Despite the claims of some vendors, you cannot just buy a commercially agile future out of the box. You just cannot. At Lusis Payments, our purpose is to simplify and perfect Retail Payments processing. We have been solving the world’s payments processing needs for decades using our robust TANGO software. We have earned a trusted ... read more


NTI: Growing the ecosystem of NonStop vendors while proving adaptation holds the key to successful NonStop solution deployments

Published by: NTI

In our formative years how many times did we hear words similar to these ? Whether it was at home, at school or in our workplace, there have been many times when our endeavors really did benefit from the interruption by someone more familiar with the task at hand. Just how many of us are still capable of routine maintenance on our car or ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

There is some truth to the old adage of having your cake and eating it too! In my previous article I may have continued with the storyline about travelling and the important role it plays in the life of any storyteller, but sitting in an office, staring at cubicle walls or even out office windows, does little for the creative mind. And ... read more


The APAC Roadshow has begun!

Published by: HPE

It’s April 2023 which means the first of the APAC Roadshows has wrapped up its comeback since the pandemic. Jakarta, the jam-packed capital of Indonesia, welcomed the NonStop Roadshow team in a joint event with the HPE Data Solutions Tech Summit for customers and partners in a 2 day event in Pullman Hotel Thamrin, Jakarta. Because of the ... read more


Food and Drink in Edinburgh

Published by: TCM

Overview Welcome to a short guide to some of Edinburgh’s many food and drink options. It provides only a snapshot put together by us at TCM and our great friends who live within the City.  First, a basic introduction to the city. Edinburgh is divided into the New Town (built between 1767 and 1850) and the Old Town (built long ... read more


What is cash really?

Published by: By Craig Lawrance

What is that cash in your physical wallet?  I mean that paper/cotton/polymer stuff with images of presidents, authors, engineers and bridges.  Perhaps it is just a few coins in your pocket. Why are they worth anything at all?  Why do they have any value? The common answer is that money represents a store of value because ... read more