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October, 2016 Edition
8 Articles

October Editorial

Published by: Margo Holen

Welcome to the first issue of the monthly publication, NonStop Insider. NonStop Insider is a new monthly publication built by and for the NonStop community. It is specifically designed to be mobile friendly, allowing the readers to access it at their convenience. So let me describe the intent and goals of NonStop Insider as well as ... read more


HPE is playing the spin-merge game to the benefit of all stakeholders

Published by: Pyalla Technologies, LLC

It’s always fun to see a new publication emerge and when it comes to supporting blogs, newsletters and magazines I am always up for the challenge. When the focus of a publication is purely NonStop then it is of particular interest to me and I will always find time to provide commentary on what is happening across the NonStop community. ... read more


TCM’s Viking Adventure

Published by: TCM

This September TCM attended the wonderfully named VNUG (Viking NonStop User Group) Event at Rånäs Slott, some 45 minutes north of Stockholm, Sweden. Those of you familiar with the Swedish language will have recognized the ‘Slott’ (translated as Castle) which suggests a less than urban setting, and you would be right. After a very ... read more


On-premise or out of a cloud, Financial Institutions have choice with OmniPayments

Published by: OmniPayments

To what do we owe the growing popularity of OmniPayments, the company, among Financial Institutions (FIs)? To what do we owe the success of OmniPayments, the product, in the marketplace? These are questions posed to our sales force on a regular basis and the singular response is that we understand the needs of FIs today even as we ... read more


comForte focuses on modernization making NonStop as contemporary as its peers

Published by: comForte

Besides Security, Modernization is one of the most important focus areas for comForte. While the HPE NonStop team champion new technologies and new run-time platforms, for many users of NonStop, change happens slowly. No more so than on NonStop systems serving Financial Institutions (FI’s) where solutions continue to run, unchanged, ... read more


NonStop and Open Platforms coexist – fast interconnect widens users choice of runtime platform

Published by: DataExpress

There have been many announcements these past twelve months that have held significance for the NonStop community. However, for the NonStop vendor community perhaps the most important of all announcements concerned the availability of the NonStop Application Direct Interface (NSADI) that came with the successful completion of the Yuma ... read more


What’s in front of me is important – NonStop users capitalize on Striim for greater business insight

Published by: Striim

In the 1976 movie, The Gumball Rally, the plot revolves around an unofficial (and quiet illegal) car race across the United States. One of the combatants contracts an Italian racer, Franco, to drive his Ferrari. Upon sitting in the car Franco turns to its owner and asks, “And now my friend, the first-a rule of Italian driving?” Franco ... read more


The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

For the NonStop community everything taking place within HPE is important. Even as it’s hard to imagine that it was only late last year when HP separated into two businesses, HP Inc. (HPQ) and HP Enterprise (HPE). HP Inc. retained the HP logo while HPE adopted the green rectangle and for a while, the two organizations seemed to be ... read more