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October, 2021 Edition
17 Articles

TANGO: Fast-Track to Cloud Payments

Published by: Lusis

In today’s Retail Payments market there are two critical success factors; scale your business for revenue growth and optimize your operations for cost savings. This is a simple and well-known adage, but it masks a myriad of complexities. The inherent difficulties in meeting stringent regulations, reducing costs, and responding to rapidly ... read more


Data; it lives and it grows – with NonStop SQL, data truly has found a home.

Published by: Richard Buckle

Did we all catch the news? Is life truly imitating art? William Shatner hitched a ride inside Jeff Bezos’ spaceship for a short trip into outer space! Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk of the fictional USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 ) aboard the real New Shephard rocket for a voyage that lasted just ten minutes or so, but reaching a speed of ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC … Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

In this issue of NonStop Insider you will find numerous references made to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (NonStopTBC21) that took place only a few weeks ago. With a last minute change in format from one that had been planned to be in-person to a virtual event, the NonStop team together with Connect pulled off a minor miracle to ensure ... read more


We are all part of the same community; NonStop TBC21 attracts international audience!

Published by: TCM

It’s hard to imagine now that once upon a time the Appalachians, the Scandinavian Mountain Range, the Little Atlas of Morocco shared a path through the Scottish Highlands. A single mountain range once connected back in ancient times is known as the Central Pangean Mountains. It also happens to be among the oldest mountain ranges on the ... read more


The power of the Prognosis Platform

Published by: IR

This year’s virtual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (NonStop TBC 21) gave us another opportunity to provide an update on Prognosis to the NonStop community. For many decades, now dating back to the late 1980s, Prognosis has played an important role in meeting the monitoring needs of some of the biggest NonStop customers and today, is ... read more


Keep Calm and Test On

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

The past two years should serve as reminder that you can never be too prepared. Even the most robust payment systems require a comprehensive testing strategy to projects are delivered on time, on budget and bug-free. Effectively testing and exercising all of your systems will help ensure that your organization provides the best possible ... read more


Modernize Your Middleware with REST

Published by: TIC Software

Are you still using old middleware technology like RSC or Picolo to support your mission-critical applications on your NonStop Systems?  If so, it is time for a change! Surprisingly, there are still many users using old proprietary technology like RSC or Piccolo for their middleware. These tools may still be able to perform the basic ... read more