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March, 2019 Edition
19 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

For many enthusiasts sailing is far more than a hobby. It’s more than just a pleasurable way to spend the afternoon even as it’s an opportunity to leave the pressures of daily life back at the dock. Of course there are competitive events held around the world even as there is no letup in the technology advancements being made – recall ... read more


HPE: News from the very top…

Published by: HPE / NonStop Insider

If you missed out on seeing the promotion that took place across Twitter and LinkedIn, you will have missed HPE CEO Antonio Neri taking the news directly to the global community himself. The news? At the end of February, Neri announced HPE’s Q1 financial results and in subsequent briefing of analysts who follow HPE, he was very upbeat ... read more


Striim; Predicting what is in store for Clouds and Big Data, isn’t all Striim blogs about …

Published by: Striim

Once again, Striim is making headlines. Firstly, Striim CTO Steve Wilkes provided a unique perspective on Big Data and Business Intelligence with his post of March 4, 2019, to the Striim blog – 19 For 19: Technology Predictions For 2019 and Beyond, Striim This post first appeared as Striim’s 2019 Technology Predictions and was an ... read more


ETI-NET – partnering with HPE worldwide!

Published by: ETI-NET

The year 2019 has truly kicked off in earnest with industry, partner and user events around the world. For ETI-NET, these events represent an opportunity to listen to the plans and programs of HPE, our primary partner, as well as to listen to the business needs of our customers and prospects. It also represents an opportunity for ETI-NET ... read more


Tributary Systems and Texas

Published by: Tributary Systems

Tributary Systems headquarters are located in Bedford, Texas. Bedford is a small town about halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, very close to DFW Airport. So it’s only natural that we keep up with local news and events. Sometimes local Texas news can have national if not worldwide significance, after all Texas has the largest landmass ... read more


Where are my Transactions?

Published by: Insider Technologies

Transaction processing is a mission critical service within any 21st century organisation and a key element of any service provider’s portfolio. However, the demands on transaction processing and similar systems types such as payments are continually increasing. The volume of transactions being sent continues to grow exponentially as ... read more


Unshackle your NonStop data

Published by: comforte

For most IT departments it has become a good practice to review the organization’s application and system landscape regularly. For many in our space, the HPE NonStop is at the centre of our mission-critical business and is as modern as any other platform out there. But what about the applications running on HPE NonStop and the data being ... read more


JCPenney embraces OmniPayments: a big win for OmniPayments in the US

Published by: OmniPayments

You read a lot of glowing case studies on the internet.  But this one is different. It’s not simply the fact that JC Penney chose OmniPayments as their platform of choice as their replacement for Base24.   It’s got more to do with the fact that they initially ruled OmniPayments out of the running.   JC Penney is not a small concern; with ... read more


DataExpress – today’s needs are complex; the simple answer is partnerships!

Published by: DataExpress

There is a reason why many conglomerates fail over time. No matter how mighty they look on paper they often create organizational nightmares long after the chief initiator has left the corporation. Remember the mighty conglomerate Harold Geneen created at ITT? During the middle decades of the last century, Geneen created a conglomerate ... read more


HPE RUG Events Worldwide

Published by: NonStop Insider

SunTUG is now behind us and as expected, turnout was excellent. For those left behind in the grips of a winter landscape, it wasn’t unexpected to be inundated with happy snaps of folks at the event or pictures taken later on the golf course. Perhaps the best presentation came from HPE NonStop Worldwide Product Management leader, Karen ... read more


Social Media Round-Up [February, 2019]

Published by: NonStop Insider

When was the last time you went to the HPE web site and looked for updates on HPE NonStop products? Is this something you do routinely or is it mostly on an exception basis, when time permits? I am often taken aback when members of the NonStop community remark how little time they spend checking out what’s happening with NonStop on any ... read more