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October, 2017 Edition
20 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

Let’s take a good long look at what HPE has been publishing of late when it comes to Hybrid IT. It is an important topic as HPE is spending a lot of time and money on talking up the need to simplify Hybrid IT. What continues to be important for everyone who depends on HPE NonStop systems to support their mission critical applications is ... read more


NonStop CEOs have their say

Published by: NonStop insider

What is the business of TSI and how do you work with the HPE NonStop team today? HPE is a partner but you have others – how would you rate HPE today? Tributary Systems (TSI) founded in 1990 has been serving the NonStop market for 28 years!  TSI is in the business of providing enterprise computing customers with turnkey data protection ... read more


DataExpress – securing your files as they traverse today’s “badlands”

Published by: DataExpress

As you cross continental USA you will run into numerous towns called Fort this and Fort that. Fort Worth, Fort Collins, Fort Laramie – for the early settlers it was important to know where forts were located for their own personal safety. The interstate highway system often crisscrosses between forts as they dotted the paths. Covered ... read more


Out of time but not out of options

Published by: Striim

There is considerable discussion under way about where HPE is headed and the possible outcomes for the NonStop program out of what HPE CEO Meg Whitman calls the NEXT initiative. Already we have seen the heads of sales for the three regions retire and now there is news that going forward there will not be three regions, but eleven. ... read more


SQL/MX Update – Frans Jongma (HPE)

Published by: HPE

Let me start with congratulating NonStop Insider with their first anniversary. I think this format is great to provide information at a regular –i.e. monthly- basis. This year was also a very good year for NonStop SQL/MX. Release 3.5 came out in the beginning of the year with L17.02 and was followed with an update, release 3.5.1, in ... read more


ETI-NET announces Virtualized BackBox VTC

Published by: ETI-NET

HPE recently announced the availability of BackBox for Virtualized NonStop systems. For the ETI-NET team, supporting NonStop on both physical and virtual machines is an opportunity to expand the product set by promoting virtual solutions.  Especially when it comes to BackBox Virtual Tape Controllers (VTC), a backup and restore solution ... read more


Pyalla Technologies anxious to see good days return for NonStop and with vNS perhaps we will see just that!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

If in last month’s update from Pyalla Technologies there was a lot of space devoted to anniversaries, well this is it. The true anniversary issue; Volume 2, Issue #1! But this month, the majority of emails Pyalla received had to do with HPE and with what exactly is going on as part of NEXT. You may recall that HPE CEO Meg Whitman spoke ... read more


Reflecting on the Tandem 6530

Published by: MicroFocus

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Before I get too far into my article, I wanted to share a strange and wonderful case of déjà vu. Some of you may know that I worked in the networking department for a while and was there when we purchased an encryption company called Atalla in 1987. I had the job of installing a Tandem NonStop ... read more


GTUG heads to Heidelberg

Published by: GTUG

On Oct. 18th and 19th, the Crowne Plaza Heidelberg City Centre hotel will host the 87th national meeting of GTUG, the German NonStop User Group. A very long history indeed … NonStop systems have been associated with financial institutions and telcos for almost as long as they have been sold to enterprises worldwide. Europe, on the other ... read more


The Ransomware World, NonStop, and NSGit

Published by: Nexbridge

I seriously doubt there is a self-aware business leader who does not know about Ransomware, but do we really know what it is and how it came about? Simply put, Ransomware takes your assets and encrypts them with keys that you don’t know. Over time, it gradually, and without you knowing, turns all of your information into unusable ... read more


Paragon – it’s all about scaling to ensure the value of a brand isn’t compromised

Published by: Paragon

Let’s be completely honest here. In the previous article published here in NonStop Insider we wrote of how Paragon has served more than 600 clients in 90 countries, with many of our customers being the leaders in their part of the payments’ ecosystem. How many were really surprised to read this? And how many readers were aware of just ... read more


Why UNIX is Faster than NonStop

Published by: Caleb Enterprise Ltd.

When discussing the performance of NonStop, there are often comparisons to UNIX. With the introduction of the NonStop X comparisons have lessened somewhat with no customers who have stated they are unhappy with the performance of their NonStop X system.  But, for some of us who are pursuing perfection, it is undeniable that UNIX is just ... read more


Social Media Round-Up, October

Published by: NonStop Insider

In some respects it has been a quiet period for the past couple of weeks but the regional user groups were hosting numerous events around the world. And there are still a few more events on the calendar before everyone heads to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) in November. What an event that will most likely be as the NonStop ... read more