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October, 2023 Edition
15 Articles

ETI-NET: Meeting the needs of backup and restore in today’s hybrid world

Published by: ETI-NET

The NonStop TBC 2023 Conference is well and truly behind us. There will likely be many articles in this months’ issue of NonStop Insider that cover the conference, with an understanding that it is at gatherings of the NonStop community where a picture of the future of NonStop is portrayed. There can be no mistaking the continued support ... read more


Gravic, HPE, and a User Present on HPE Shadowbase Solutions at the Connect HPE NonStop TBC

Published by: Gravic

The NonStop TBC 2023 was a great success! Held at the Hilton Denver City on September 12-14, it was an intimate yet energetic affair. We greatly appreciate everyone who made the journey to attend this event and are sorry to hear that some folks had to cancel their travel plans and turn back mid-trip due to the inclement weather. ... read more


Navigating a NonStop Future with IR: A Recap of the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2023

Published by: IR

In the ever-evolving landscape of mission-critical systems, the recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp in Denver proved pivotal for IT professionals at all levels. Hosted by HPE, this gathering brought together experts and thought leaders to delve into the future of enterprise solutions. Future-ready insights from Kirk Bresniker One of the ... read more


NonStop TBC 2023 Conference provides perfect backdrop that balances technology with commercial interests

Published by: OmniPayments

What a great show!  We at OmniPayments observed a strong focus on the AI Topic.  This is all very interesting for us that are bit longer in the tooth, because I seem to recall this topic becoming top flavor a number of times in the past.  It was a topic even while I was studying for my degree.  The main difference today is the processing ... read more


HPE NonStop SQL/MX in Modern Computing

Published by: Lusis Payments

Data management and databases are essential components of any modern computing system. They store, process, and analyze vast amounts of information that enable various applications and services. However, not all databases are created equal. Some are more reliable, scalable, and performant than others. One such database is HPE NonStop ... read more


In case you missed the Show

Published by: TANDsoft

TANDsoft – NonStop TBC 2023 update. The 2023 Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) took place in Denver, CO in September, and TANDsoft was there. It was a great pleasure meeting in person again and we hope to continue this going forward. In case you missed the Show…, we had very positive feedback from NonStop customers at our booth, ... read more


TCM – A noticable and successful presence at the annual NonStop TBC 2023 Conference

Published by: TCM

Laying down a putting line attracting the adventurous to compete for the best putt total and providing a wee dram of Scotch to accompany such endeavors was a new twist on an old theme for TCM Solutions. It was  fun to stop by our booth in the partner pavilion and be greeted by TCM team members only too willing to discuss the services we ... read more


Ransomware: Is it time to take keyboards away from production?

Published by: Nexbridge

It is 4:45pm on a Friday and the phone rings: “Hello?” “Is this the head office of the CEO of the MegaBank?” “Who is this? “I need to talk to the CEO, now. It is a matter of life and death.” “Sure, it is.” Hangs up. 5 minutes later, the phone runs again. “Hello?” “I am calling from the law firm of Grab’em, Screw’em, and Run. We have a ... read more


TBC 2023 – A New Perspective

Published by: TIC

The TBC 2023 registration list initially seemed discouraging from a numerical standpoint, with only about 25% being customer attendees and the remainder being HPE and partners. However, the event exceeded our expectations, offering us a fresh perspective on TBC. Let’s review the new “C’s”. “C” is for Connections ... read more