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September, 2017 Edition
17 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

Once again, we find HPE CEO Meg Whitman in the center of attention as HPE delivered its Q3 2017 earnings result and Whitman then participated in a number of calls with industry and financial analysts. The release of the financial results for the quarter followed the completion of the spin-merge of HPE’s non-core software components to ... read more


NonStop Technical Bootcamp 2017

Published by: Connect

Hard to imagine, but one more year is about to pass us by and with its passing we are coming up onto the NonStop Technical Bootcamp 2017 (TBC 2017). As much as we may yearn for the days of ITUG Summits of former times, no matter what this event calls itself, for the majority of the NonStop community it is all about NonStop and that is ... read more


Paragon – it’s all about finding alternatives to simply adding more people!

Published by: Paragon

This is the first article we are submitting to NonStop Insider. For those who may not be familiar with Paragon, we are in the testing space where our focus is on payments solutions and ATM networks. The Paragon Edge website ( ) provides additional detail on our people and our products. For instance, we have served more ... read more


Canadian Tandem Users Group Update

Published by: CTUG

Time is flying by and we will shortly be holding our major event for the year this year it will be October 11 – 12 at the offices of HPE, Mississauga. The conference will be on the 11th with a day of education for the NonStop community following on the 12th. With each year this event seems to be more engaging than the previous years and ... read more


Pyalla Technologies pleased to see the NonStop community having access to even more content on NonStop!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies Inc.

What do you think of the content being provided in NonStop Insider? What have you liked best – have you liked the opinion articles, the product updates or the news coming from RUG leaders? And what about the most recent addition, NonStop CEOs have their say? We have only just begun and there will be a couple of additions coming shortly ... read more


In an environment where change is constant, monitoring is critical to success

Published by: Insider Technologies

Over 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years. The velocity of change in the business world has never been greater. And it’s increasing all the time. Technological advances and an insatiable demand for instant gratification is shaping our world. In an environment where change is constant, monitoring is ... read more


Striim; an opportunity for the NonStop user community to better integrate and utilize the Apache Kafka capabilities!

Published by: striim

How many of us have been checking the Striim blog of late? Noticed just how many posts there have been referencing Kafka? When it comes to the NonStop community how many of us even know what Kafka is, let alone track all the attention it has been attracting of late. If you haven’t been tracking Kafka then perhaps it is time to take a ... read more


OzTUG event Sydney on August 24, 2017;

Published by: OZTUG

It was just a short time ago that OzTUG held a major event in Sydney, Australia. As noted in prior promotions for the event, OzTUG was timed to be part of the HPE Gen 10 server launch and there is always excitement surrounding anything new coming from HPE. And on this occasion, HPE didn’t disappoint and helped out OzTUG by providing a ... read more


Social Media Round-Up, September

Published by: NonStop Insider

Blog sites whether supported by a vendor, a user community or even an industry association continue to provide a lot of useful information. If you are a Financial Institution there are numerous sites that can keep you current with the latest trends and the hot topics of the day. This past month there have been numerous references to ... read more