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April, 2024 Edition
15 Articles

MultiBatch: Modernized and secured – your ticket to high performance, multitasking, batch processing

Published by: ETI-NET

With memories of recent gatherings of the NonStop community fresh in our minds it is hard to ignore the general increase in participants’ engagement in discussions concerning all things related to NonStop systems. With the eGTUG European NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2024 – Conference & Exhibition coming on the heels of a successful ... read more


Gravic, Inc. is Celebrating its 45th Anniversary in 2024 – What a Milestone!

Published by: Gravic

Dr. Bruce Holenstein, President and CEO, and Paul J. Holenstein, EVP and Chief Technologist, formed our first company, Compucon Services Corp., soon after Tandem started, and we are celebrating our 45th year working in the HPE NonStop world! In 2001, we renamed our company “Gravic,” based on the word “gravity.” Gravic means “attraction ... read more


uLinga Gateway Data Transformation

Published by: infraSoft

uLinga for Kafka, widely recognised as the best solution for integrating NonStop applications with Kafka, and uLinga Gateway, the newest product in the uLinga suite, have recently been enhanced to add powerful data transformation capabilities.  This article gives an introductory overview to these capabilities, and then takes a deep dive ... read more


Revolutionizing Banking Operations: The Unmatched Appeal of Lusis Payments’ TANGO Platform

Published by: Lusis Payments

In the fast-paced world of banking, where innovation is not just an option but a mandate, selecting the right technology partner can make or break an institution’s success. Amidst this backdrop, Lusis Payments has emerged as a beacon of innovation, with its flagship product, TANGO, revolutionizing the payments landscape. Let’s ... read more


The many angles, reflections and points of interest coming from social media

Published by: NonStop Insider

Let’s be honest. Miss hardcopy versions of your favorite HPE NonStop publication? Sad to see The Connection is now a digital only publication? So too is NonStop Insider? Remember the days when you looked forward to NonStop specific magazines arriving in the mail? And didn’t we all look forward to receiving the latest issue of the Tandem ... read more


Just do your job! Not simply a football mantra but an exhortation to perform due diligence.

Published by: NTI

When it comes to business and to business insight, there has never been a substitute for simply doing the right thing. This has manifested itself in many ways. What is doing the right thing in business? When do we know we are headed in the right direction? When do we really know that we are minimizing the risks involved. Insightful ... read more


Understanding ISO 8583 and ISO 20022: Evolution and Application in Financial Messaging

Published by: NuWave

The article explores the significance of ISO 8583 and ISO 20022 in financial messaging standards, highlighting their evolution, features, and applications within modern financial ecosystems. ISO 8583 serves as the foundation for card-based transactions, defining message formats and structures for electronic financial transactions like ... read more


TCM is with you on your journey, whether it’s modernization or simply a path to a better understanding of your NonStop system.

Published by: TCM

Whenever enterprises talk of their vision, they are mostly addressing shareholders and senior management. Almost every time, they then transition to strategy talking in terms of immediate tactical assignments together with longer term and, most often, larger, goals that pursue the strategy to better deliver on the vision. This is well ... read more


The moves that count

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

For those who have been following us this year and viewed our posts on social media sites, you will know all too well that our changing circumstances have included moving house. Well, that’s all done for the most part even as the bigger question happens to be – where next? We have the condo but where will be our home? For those who have ... read more