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November, 2018 Edition
19 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

    The SIBOS event held in Sydney at the end of October provided an opportunity for HPE to showcase blockchain. SIBOS is an event put on by SWIFT – the global provider of secure financial messaging services. It is the organization that fundamentally underpins the world’s financial transactions and has for decades made it ... read more


HPE: News from the very top …

Published by: HPE

At the latest Securities Analyst meeting held in New York HPE celebrated the occasion by ringing the opening bell. This is always a time of celebration along with the photo-ops that comes with it. What was a little different, and I have to believe unexpected by many HPE watchers, was that HPE CEO took advantage of the situation to ... read more


Striim and clouds; helping NonStop applications break free from being siloed, yet again!

Published by: Striim

There hasn’t been a major HPE event of late where the focus hasn’t been on simplifying the transformation to Hybrid IT. However, amongst all the coverage HPE is giving to Hybrid IT, there hasn’t been a whole lot of coverage of the potential downside from over-ambitious approaches some enterprises have been taking. Simply stated, ... read more


DataExpress – when it comes to team work, Data Express is ready to assist no matter what your file movement needs happen to be!

Published by:

DataExpress has been a participant at numerous Regional User Group (RUG) meetings this year, but the biggest gathering of the year for the NonStop community is about to take place. The NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) that will be held in a matter of a few days has continued to climb in popularity where today it is the premier event for ... read more


Free TACL Cheat Sheet!

Published by: comforte

Sometimes it’s hard remember TACL commands and it would be nice to have a cheat sheet listing a bunch of frequently used commands. We have one! And it’s your to download. Simply click on the link below and then click on the thumbnail to download the 3 page cheat sheet! No Strings attached. And ... read more


ETI-NET participating in NonStop Technical Boot Camp and will talk about the latest release of BackBox

Published by: ETI-NET

If you have been checking out our articles and posts over the last month you will have noticed the frequent references to change, together with comparisons being made to cars. To be more specific, references to changes taking place that are less about appearance and more about substance. Like many members of the NonStop vendor community, ... read more


The Prognosis for TBC

Published by: IR

It’s November, and it’s the eve of the HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). Tickets and hotels are booked, presentations are being finalized, and the excitement is building. Financial institutions are also finalizing their last changes for the peak season, before they go into the freeze period. At IR, we’re celebrating the release of a ... read more


Gravic – looking forward to seeing you all at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Published by: Gravic

We hope that you will enjoy reading our just-published Shadowbase Fall Newsletter. Please help us celebrate our recent American Business Award and indulge us for a few comments on the importance of data replication in today’s business world. We are announcing an exciting new HPE Shadowbase Data Management utility and a new Repair feature ... read more


Quant … ummm? Is it real?

Published by: Richard Buckle

I was taken by surprise at this week’s SIBOS Sydney 2018 event. This is a major conference for the financial industry, with numerous high-profile banking CEOs participating in the panels and round table sessions. While I had heard about SIBOS this is the first time I have participated and I have to admit, even as jaded as I am at times ... read more


Security – digging deeper into the past!

Published by: Ron LaPedis

Since I am semi-retired and like to think of myself as a story teller (don’t laugh…), I started writing my great American novel, about how I seem to be good at getting jobs by accident. Many of my positions at Tandem, from IT security, to business continuity, to Product Manager and Asia Pacific Marketing Manager all happened because I ... read more


NonStop TBC 2018 Preview

Published by: CSP

  It’s been an exciting show season this fall and CSP has been on hand at many of the North American Chapter TUGs, including ATUG, CTUG and our first ever visit to MexTUG. We’ve had a great time seeing familiar faces and meeting new people at each of these events, and now it’s time for NonStop Technical Boot Camp ... read more


Where did my HSMs go?

Published by: Craig Lawrence, OmniPayments

It doesn’t seem that long ago that HSM security was an inbuilt part of most card payment applications. The Atalla HSM (Host Security Module) has been a part on the HPE NonStop world since, well, Tandem’s very early days. Card Payments applications and most systems actually need these HSM units to secure information, encrypt Card PINS, ... read more


Social Media Round-Up [November, 2018]

Published by: NonStop Insider

It should come as no surprise to those following social media that whenever there is a major industry event that I am attending my twitter account becomes a lot more active. Consider me late to the twitter party, but following encouragement from HPE I am posting tweets more often than I am posting anything else to anywhere else. Yes, you ... read more