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May, 2017 Edition
15 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

As I recall from many years I have spent working as part of marketing and product management teams within the former Tandem Computers, there were always programs to tackle the siphoning of transactions away from mainframes and other large systems – remember Burroughs? Univac? Honeywell? – into NonStop applications. As a strategy, it was ... read more


CAIL: Increasing NonStop appeal by supporting “Standards”– inside and outside the box …

Published by: CAIL

For many years CAIL has been supporting the NonStop community with CAIL Suite, a bundled solution for the desktop having modernization, security and connectivity capabilities to improve NonStop information services. In addition, CAIL software is embedded in Reflection / Extra! Client Solutions for Host access with all platforms – ... read more


Tiered and Policy Based Data Backup

Published by: Tributary Systems, Inc

In the April issue of NonStop Insider we began with Part 1 of this article and introduced the concept of a tiered policy-based approach to data backup and covered three all-important steps to making the right decision about the best fit for a business. In this second part we look at those three steps in even more detail.   ... read more


DataExpress alive and well in hybrid IT

Published by: DataExpress

We understand that the publishing of this issue of NonStop Insider will coincide with the opening of the NonStop pan-European event, eBITUG. Unfortunately for us it’s not an event we will be attending, although we support most events in North America. The upcoming N2TUG event in Dallas, as just one example, will be the next user event we ... read more


Infrasoft gives you platform independence!

Published by: Infrasoft

The popularity of uLinga and the success it has achieved in the marketplace as the best alternative to either HPE’s SNAX or ACI’s ICE products has taken several years. However, this hasn’t surprised either Infrasoft or its sales and marketing partner, comForte. Undertaking a modernization of essential connectivity services and protocols ... read more


OmniPayments adds wallet support!

Published by: OmniPayments

In the article we published in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider we began with an observation that technology is moving quickly. Perhaps we should have also added that user requirements are growing just as quickly and for OmniPayments, LLC., this means that those requirements most influencing technology choices is the user ... read more


London Calling

Published by: TCM

  The European NonStop Symposium will be hitting UK shores this year, with London taking on the role as host, and the BITUG Committee as dutiful organisers. TCM, having an inside man (Collin Yates – TCM’s Technical Director and BITUG Committee Board Member), has witnessed the hard work and commitment that’s gone ... read more


FSS Reconciliation Suite

Published by: FSS

Rapid digitization in the banking sector has created so many digital channels like ATMs, POS, Kiosks, Mobile and Internet, through which banking services are rendered. Given so many channels through which payment transactions are done, accurate, effective and efficient account reconciliation across is extremely important. The ... read more


Pyalla Technologies to miss out on eBITUG in 2017

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

All roads – well, perhaps all flight paths – lead to London. In only a matter of a few days the eBITUG event will kick off around the Tower. This location brings back so many memories for me as it was the early 1970s when I accepted a transfer from Sydney to London when working for the container shipping company, OCL. Upon arrival in ... read more


ETI-NET travels the globe in support of HPE

Published by: ETI-NET

There are numerous reasons as to why vendors attend local and regional user group meetings. Whether they are with an audience of just a few local NonStop users or cover much larger geographic regions ETI-NET likes to be visible wherever possible. Over the years we have covered the entire globe as we have added our support to that of HPE ... read more


InfiniBand Wish List for the NonStop X

Published by: Caleb Enterprises Ltd.

If you missed the first part of this series as published in the April 2017 issue of NonStop Insider, go here to read it first. NonStop Architecture BottleNecks Bottlenecks do exist within NonStop and among them, I call out the following: Guardian Inter-process messaging (IPM) is slow. Disk I/O is IPM-bound. Guardian processes will be ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

When we think of social media our thoughts often take us to business networks as well as towards networks made up of family and friends. When it comes to the latter, it’s often a case of Facebook, Twitter and the like. Checking my own Twitter account the majority of the activity of late has been generated by HPE – whether it’s ... read more