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January, 2018 Edition
14 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

It is time to look ahead at what we can expect to see coming from HPE in support of NonStop. Who could have imagined what has happened to NonStop over such a short period of time, but here we are, starting afresh, and already there is a lot of speculation over what the future really holds for NonStop. At a time when industry pundits are ... read more


DataExpress – the choice of configuration of DataExpress is only limited by your imagination and creativity!

Published by: DataExpress

In our last article it was all about the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. As we looked back at all that we heard it definitely provided considerable food for thought. Top of the list? How rapidly were NonStop users moving to NonStop X and will 2018 see the first NonStop users running on virtualized NonStop (vNonStop)? In other words, will ... read more


2018 is now upon us and we see early exploitation of virtualized NonStop a distinct possibility!

Published by: Insider Technologies

With 2017 in the bag, it’s now all eyes forward for an even busier 2018. With so many new developments formally arriving in the HPE NonStop world, we are excited to be assisting our clients to scope the move of their trusted Insider Technologies services to the new breed of NonStop – the virtualised solution. Often a relatively ... read more


Changes to sales and marketing at NTI

Published by: NTI

There has been a lot of attention given of late to the changes happening with NonStop and with HPE – spin/mergers, the machine and yes, hybrid IT. What hasn’t changed is the focus of the NonStop development team in that NonStop remains the premier option as far as fault tolerant servers are concerned. No vendor has come close to matching ... read more


Paragon – when it comes to the NonStop community and payments APIs, the story is “virtual!”

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

The building storyline for almost everyone looking at their NonStop systems, particularly those NonStop systems that support payments solutions, is virtualization. But this narrative is equally about bringing NonStop systems closer to the center of operations within the data center and is part of what many observers call the ... read more


Pyalla Technologies – Continuing to see a bright future for NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

The pages of the calendar have turned yet again and each of us is staring a new year. One more “circle around the sun” completed, even as we have become more aware that the NonStop systems we once knew so well are evolving, and evolving fast. They too are circling around the sun but unlike us, they aren’t showing any signs of age. Quite ... read more


Innovation or Stagnation

Published by: Tributary Systems

Lack of Innovation leads to Stagnation; Stagnation leads to Elimination……… Way back in 1953, a new American sports car was introduced by General Motors, the Corvette. That inaugural model had a 235 cubic inch inline six cylinder engine rated at 150 gross horsepower (about 110 SAE net horsepower on today’s rating system), and a two speed ... read more


OmniPayments and NonStop users – no matter where your transformation journey takes you…

Published by: OmniPayments

The intrusions one industry is making on the other are gaining more and more attention. Is Uber a ride share vendor or a technology vendor – even with the EU court’s ruling against Uber just recently, reminding the European community that Uber should be regulated like a taxi company, there is no denying that once well-understood ... read more


What’s up at ITUGLIB?

Published by: Nexbridge

The holiday season has been a busy one at ITUGLIB, in a big way because of some security issues out in the world at large. As NonStop becomes increasingly more modern and adopts more technology standards, we all must be aware of issues that are also hitting the rest of our enterprises. Three packages were impacted by these changes: ... read more


Social Media Round-up

Published by: NonStop Insider

When looking at what has been viewed on social media channels these past couple of weeks, one item stood out and that was the discussion on virtualization versus containers. The HPE NonStop development team has pulled off an amazing development undertaking and now can provide a virtualized NonStop – yes, NonStop has become just another ... read more