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August, 2019 Edition
20 Articles

PCI-DSS Compliance with CSP PassPort®

Published by: CSP

Authentication and authorization on NonStop systems require a complex arrangement of basic Guardian file permissions, Safeguard globals and optional object ACLs. All of these elements provide control over who can do what to an object. CSP PassPort® is a comprehensive security solution for controlling and auditing user access to HPE ... read more


DataExpress – securely managing the transfer of files even as clouds are gathering and opportunities to “peek at the contents” attract more curiosity!

Published by: DataExpress

As a community NonStop users and vendors agree that the latest NonStop platforms – NonStop X and vNonStop – offer the industry’s best security. As posts and commentaries allude to (without overstressing the fact), it is widely known that a NonStop system has not been hacked to date and in this regard, we owe this key attribute in the ... read more


ETI-NET – BackBox supports BoostFS; NonStop users can now leverage benefits of deduplication at the source

Published by: ETI-NET

For the NonStop community the NonStop system is rarely a technology or application island. Typically, a NonStop system is deployed to support mission critical applications and as such, NonStop in some respects can be considered as just another server in the data center. Albeit, one focused solely on transaction processing, usually ... read more


NuWave: supporting NonStop Innovations; the latest insights from our blog posts you just have to read!

Published by: NuWave

When you think about NonStop today and about all the changes HPE has introduced in transforming NonStop to better leverage commodity components and industry standard software, the more NonStop is positioned to better participate in the bigger transformation under way within the data center. HPE refers to what is present in the data ... read more


Sentra – What do you Want to do Today?

Published by: Insider Technologies

The ‘single pane of glass’ enterprise monitoring solution – Sentra – utilises ‘extraction agents’, deployed onto remote systems within your network and retrieves data in real-time for instant analysis, reporting and escalation. The benefit of this approach makes it much more efficient than a single monolithic collection program. ... read more


Prognosis – “providing intelligent alerts to issues and rapid troubleshooting to identify and solve problems before they become client or customer issues.”

Published by: IR

IR continues, with great success, to focus its Prognosis product on the payments networking and switching business. When it comes to payments solutions running on HPE NonStop systems the presence of Prognosis can be considered today as being somewhat ubiquitous in that almost all financial institutions reliant on NonStop depend upon ... read more


OmniPayments addresses audiences worldwide – have you taken a good look at OmniCloudX lately?

Published by: OmniPayment

“The rapid technological development has brought with it transcendental changes in the lives of all people and in the world. The financial sector is no exception,” was the introductory observation that greeted all those in the financial industry considering participating in the Congreso Latinoamericano de Banca Digital – Innovacion ... read more


NTI – Delivering on the promise of JSON support, NTI can now deliver a major upgrade to its DRNet® data integration product offering!

Published by: NTI

In the July 2019 issue of NonStop Insider we introduced the NonStop community to a major update to NTI’s messaging. This update reflected the growing need among the members of the NonStop user community to do more with data replication products like DRNet® than just replication. In fact, it has been the observation by NTI management that ... read more


With Striim, HPE NonStop data isn’t left on the shelf; integration with Cloud platforms has become a reality!

Published by: Striim

HPE has made its position on Clouds very clear – it isn’t in the business of creating a public cloud nor is it going to be a supplier of servers and storage to Cloud providers. Its earlier baby-steps into this market with Helion taught HPE enough to know that going down this path was neither in its strategic interest nor it capable of ... read more


Tributary’s View on De-Duplication

Published by: Tributary Systems

Succinctly put, Disk deduplication is old technology.  It was developed and brought to market in the early 2000’s, when disk capacities were relatively low and HDD prices were relatively high, resulting in a cost per TB of stored data significantly greater than today. The methodology of deduplication as used by major manufacturers of ... read more