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November, 2016 Edition
12 Articles

November Editorial

Published by: Margo Holen

Thanks to all those who read the inaugural issue of the Nonstop Insider! Certainly, getting that first issue published represented a significant milestone but then with barely a moment rest it’s on to the second and then the third issue. These subsequent issues are the true litmus test of just how well a publication gels with a community ... read more


The HPE Corner – November

Published by: NonStop Insider

Will there be more surprises? It’s hard to say that there will not be any more surprises, but the real news will surround user deployments of much that has already been announced. Vendor marketing events always attract a crowd. And when it comes to HPE throwing an event, there’s always an eager community willing and prepared to put aside ... read more


Gravic has a full slate of presentations lined up for this year’s Boot Camp

Published by: Gravic

Just returned from CTUG where the Canadian NonStop community was privileged to hear HPE NonStop Senior Director, Andy Bergholz, provide an update on NonStop – real and virtual. While much of the ground Andy covered was now familiar to those who participate in RUG events worldwide, it wasn’t until the late afternoon Q&A session that a ... read more


DataExpress is participating in workshop at NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016

Published by: DataExpress

With hindsight, it seems only natural that DataExpress would become a product family with separate products serving both the NonStop and Open Platform markets. With hindsight too, we would like to say that we had always been working towards a hybrid solution knowing that this was the direction IT was headed. However, whatever hindsight ... read more



Published by: TCM

It’s that time again: the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling and NonStoppers from around the world are flocking to their spiritual, silicone home… it’s time for the NonStop Technical Boot Camp! Should anyone ever question what it is that makes NonStop so hard to replicate then they should take a stroll round the charming ... read more


User events continue to provide value to the NonStop community; Boot Camp event is the biggest!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies, LLC

October was a month where Pyalla continued with its investment in Regional User Group (RUG) events across North America. Turns out, I’m a little behind the times when it comes to conventions as the Connect organization has been calling RUGs “Chapters” for some time rationalizing the change as being more “industry standard.” And maybe it ... read more


comForte supports the NonStop Technical Boot Camp as a Diamond Sponsor for 2016

Published by: comForte

The emergence of the NonStop Technical Boot Camp just a few short years ago has seen it grow to become the biggest event in the NonStop calendar and it’s an one that comForte wholeheartedly supports! Coming off a period of numerous RUG and Chapter events worldwide it’s now time to recharge as we head to San Jose for the NonStop Technical ... read more


Monthly NonStop Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

Given I made a career choice a long time ago to become an industry commentator providing subjective analysis and opinions, the world of online blogs has given me a forum to promote technologies, products and solutions all involving HPE and NonStop. So what has caught my attention of late? And, if you have anything to add let me know From ... read more