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September, 2018 Edition
20 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

    There has been a lot of coverage of late concerning major initiatives by HPE in areas including Hybrid IT, Synergy, OneSphere, Superdome Flex and yes, The Machine. Hybrid IT received a major boost when it became a business group headed by a newly named President, Phil Davis. Formerly head of sales for the AsiaPac/Japan ... read more


HPE: News from the very top …

Published by: HPE

          It was good news all around following HPE’s release of its Q3, 2018, Financial Results. Even though one financial research organization, Bernstein, predicted that HPE would miss some of its numbers (this reference to Bernstein is only being made as for years it was Bernstein that looked after the ... read more


Pyalla Technologies …the news from NonStop vendors is that their customers are migrating to NonStop X, and more

Published by: Pyalla

        These past couple of weeks we have been focused on our clients. Each of them is mulling over development plans. Each of them is trying to come to terms with a changing NonStop landscape. Despite the best efforts of HPE to bring NonStop X and virtualized NonStop (vNS) to market, it is clear that the NonStop ... read more


Blockchain Community Forum

Published by: HPE / Connect

LOCATION HPE Chelsea Office 556 W. 22nd Street New York, NY 10011 Blockchain is moving quickly from just another interesting approach to solving issues of trust between business parties to where it is being implemented on NonStop in pursuit of solving real business problems. One of the first vendors to cross the divide and begin ... read more


DataExpress – moving files as old meets new automatically when and where the changing IT world demands.

Published by: DataExpress

    Hybrid IT? Software-defined infrastructure? Consumption-based services? So many questions and so much that looks different! It’s as if two worlds are meeting for the first time and the introductions are confusing. HPE has been very public over the last couple of weeks about just how important it is for the enterprises to ... read more


Make MQ Work Harder

Published by: Insider Technologies

      Early and current releases of IBM MQ for NonStop are subject to the following information being placed into a single text token: Error condition Cause, Effect, Recovery MQ Manager MQ Channel MQ Queue   Ordinarily, the diagnostic information should be held within the Event buffer as a set of discrete tokens. In ... read more


NTI and HPE agree, we are in a “world that is edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.”

Published by: NTI

NTI is making the commitment to ensure the NonStop community understands the business problems it is addressing with DRNet® product. We gave a lot of presentations at events worldwide and for the remainder of the year, this commitment to take the NTI message to the NonStop community will continue as we pack our bags and head to events ... read more



Published by: Lusis Payments

Lusis Payments is committed to providing our clients with helpful information to remain ahead of the curve on topics such as new compliance requirements or guidelines in the payments industry. The following is a brief summary of the new security requirements that were introduced by PCI-PIN V3 that merges requirements from the PCI ... read more


Any way you want to consume OmniPayments solutions, whether performance or price influenced, OmniPayments can work with you!

Published by: OmniPayments

Over the course of the previous month there have been numerous posts and commentaries written about OmniPayments. Of them all, three stand out – two of which have been published with a third scheduled to be published very soon. The common thread within each of them has to do with just how flexible OmniPayments has become of late when it ... read more


NonStop Technology Summit 2018

Published by: OzTug

Sydney 18 September | Melbourne 20 September   Your invitation to join us Experience a thought-provoking day with an agenda packed full of information that will be of vital interest to managers of mission critical applications, and the NonStop user community. Places are strictly limited so register today. Yours sincerely, Hewlett ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

There were a couple of LinkedIn exchanges worth pointing out. The first started as an observation made on the LinkedIn home page while the other was simply a product / utility question posted to the LinkedIn group, Tandem User Group. I am including them both here in this month’s round-up as it is a call for even more engagement by the ... read more


Tributary Systems’ Storage Director

Published by: Tributary Systems

Regular readers of “The NonStop Insider” will certainly recognize both Tributary Systems, who has been supplying NonStop OEM Tape, Tape Libraries, and Library Management software to NonStop customers for the better part of two decades, and Storage Director, the most advanced and versatile backup solution for the NonStop Enterprise ... read more


September ’18 ITUGLIB Update

Published by: The ITUGLIB Technical Committee

We’ve been busy doing some cleanup and modernization on the ITUGLIB web site, and because of that the URL has changed to a shorter one: Note that simply going to will also take you to the new site. You’ll find better paging and search options, some ... read more