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Issue 6.3 Editorial


And so the 2022 begun and NonStop Insider is introducing a new feature: Community Spotlight. “In the first column to shine a spotlight on NonStop community members, it is Dieter Orlowski who proved to be the ideal candidate for such a column. It would be difficult to find any member of the NonStop community that hasn’t run across Dieter’s global travels, given his rich history of representing vendors in the solutions and infrastructure marketplaces.”

In the article by Pyalla Technologies, LLC., Richard Buckle muses about possibilities that could open to NonStop: “It still matters little to the end user how that is achieved so long as they can continue to rely on the service being provided to complete a purchase, move money around and send that all important message. NonStop plugged into the infrastructure to do exactly that is now within reach as the level of middleware available to NonStop users makes playing with other systems very easy to achieve.”

Frans Jogma introduces a new look for NonStop SQL/MX DBS: “The WebDBS user interface is the “New Look for NonStop SQL/MX DBS”. It replaces the demonstration software that has been used in webinars, tradeshows, and YouTube videos to show the possibilities of Database Services for NonStop SQL/MX, aka SQL/MX DBS.”

ETI takes the opportunity to introduce MQgate: “MQGate takes source IBM MQ Event Management System (EMS) events and converts them to new, easier-to-identify fully tokenized EMS events.” Those of us involved with DSM and SPI in the past are surely happy – if Keith Dick reads this article I am sure he smiles!

In the Striim for HPE NonStop announcement you will read: “The combination of Striim and HPE NonStop, which is a high-performance distributed data transaction solution that supports business continuity and 100% fault tolerance, offers data-driven enterprises the ability to leverage continuous data flows for real-time, cross-organization business insights. Additionally, the joint solution will be offered as a cloud service that can run on-premises, at the edge or in a co-location facility using the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

In the NTI article you will read: “With the introduction of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers, NTI raises the bar on capabilities offered even as it lowers the entry price. Existing customers of DRNet® now have full access to all DRNet® capabilities for no additional license fees. Integration with Kafka, Splunk and more are now fully supported even as distribution to open systems such as Linux and Windows and to the databases they run is likewise available to all NonStop users of DRNet®”

OMNIPAYMENTS/OMNICLOUDX article brings you description of this offering: “…paradigm has shifted towards a ‘Cloud’ business model, where Merchants lease everything: software, hardware, and human resources to implement and operate a PCI based solution. Merchants pay for the services they consume, forget about software and technology upgrades and focus on their corporate business objectives while leaving the operation of the payments’ solution in the hands of experts.  OmniPayments is “Cloud” ready.”

Gravic’s article tells you about a new release of their product: “Shadowbase software version 6.700 for Other Server platforms includes several key changes and fixes, along with a roll-up of the prior version 6.600 patches.”

TIC’s article discusses API Gateway: “The term ‘API Gateway’ is starting to create a lot of buzz in the NonStop circle. I thought it would be good to do a quick walkthrough of what API Gateway is and its potential benefits. For those of you who are already familiar with Proxy Server (or Reverse Proxy Server), you will find a lot of functional similarity between a Proxy Server and an API Gateway.” TIC promises: “In our next article, we will explore API Gateway solutions that run on the NonStop.”

In the HPE NonStop Chapters and Rugs you will find out more about: “NonStop Chapters and RUGs begin to promote in-person events. While there are restrictions in place even as there are concerns about the safety of those participating, these first steps towards normalcy are greatly appreciated. To sum up one NonStop vendor said, ‘We miss you all and can’t wait to network once again!’”

Please take a look at the articles you will find in this February 2022 issue – they are informative and entertaining!

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor