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Issue 6.4 Editorial


Editorial April 2022

I think it will be appropriate to start this editorial with the mention of Richard Buckle’s article dedicated to GreenLake where he talks about Karen Copeland’s post and says: “You can read this article on the HPE Community blog or simply turn to the latest issue of The Connection. Either way, both links will take you to the story. And before leaving this reference to GreenLake, NonStop and the NonStop team we have to recognize all the work that Karen Copeland did in support of the community even as we continue to be deeply saddened by the loss of a true NonStop community supporter.”

Frans Jongma’s article, The cloud that comes to you, talks about: “The purpose of NonStop SQL/MX Database Services (DBS) is to provide a cloud-like environment where the NonStop system is presented as a database server, where the applications, even cloud-native applications, run on other platforms, typically in Windows or Linux operating environments or in containers.” Read the article, it is fascinating!

4tech write about its new product, ID, and challenges the reader with suggesting “seven highly recommended features for anyone in the market for a new integrity checking solution. “ID was designed and engineered in direct collaboration with the HPE NonStop system and security admins who actually use it, ensuring the kind of user-friendly features and attention to detail that you’d include if you were designing it yourself.”

CSP writes about its new product, CSP Authenticator:  “The new CSP Authenticator + cloud-native application was developed using a modern cloud-based framework. This redesign focuses on providing security, flexibility, and scalability. Multiple authentication methods such as RADIUS, Active Directory, RSA, and Open LDAP are supported. Additional authentication methods include Email, Text Message, and Google Authenticator.”

Comforte article discusses PCI DSS compliance: “A data-centric security approach is essential to drive effective PCI DSS compliance. Its key tenets of encryption and tokenization have been adopted en masse by retailers, banks and others as they look to meet the requirements of the PCI DSS. In fact, the standard stipulates that primary account numbers (PANs) are unreadable wherever they’re stored—which both encryption and tokenization can achieve.”

NTI too introduces a new offering: “When it comes to NonStop users of alternate products, there is now a new way to capitalize on the benefits NTI brings with our support of CDC methodology. Welcome to DRNet®/Business Integration that will allow such NonStop users to complement existing business continuity product deployments with a single NTI solution that sits right alongside such solutions, but this time delivers integration, distribution and transformation capabilities.” Check it out!

ETI also writes about its new offering: “As 2021 came to an end ETI-NET announced the availability of C-Deep, its newest product for the NonStop community depending on the NonStop based payments solutions. Available to support BASE24™ Classic, but well suited to other payments engines when customized by the PointNext team, C-Deep is not only about seeing deep into the inner workings of a payments solution but is just as importantly for those looking at what is happening all around the applications.”

Well, TCM is also delivering a new offering: “In the coming months TCM will be unveiling a product long considered missing from the NonStop software portfolio. This will be a soft launch as we begin to validate the assumptions and targets to better ensure your NonStop system is making as big a contribution to your business as you anticipated from the day your NonStop system arrived. Given the complexity of today’s modern systems and the myriad array of infrastructure, middleware and tools and solutions present on such systems, it isn’t always clear what the optimal configuration is and which operating procedures work best for your business.” Do read the article to find out more!

Gravic’s article references two previously published articles appearing in the March – April issue of The Conection: “Leverage Heterogeneous Data Transformation and Distribution to Create New Business Opportunities and HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration Software Eliminates Planned Downtime and Business Risk! The first article highlights some interesting developments in how data replication engines are not only useful for business continuity architectures, but also in providing data integration for value-add solutions. The second article looks at data center migrations made easier using Gravic products.

IR article talks about the post to its blog: “In the post to the IR Blog, The top 5 payment trends shaping 2022 by IR Head of Payments and Infrastructure Products, David Guiver, our attention is drawn to just how much change is taking place in the world of payments.” Yes, it is a very interesting article, read to find out more!

Striim also writes about a post to its blog: “In his latest post to the Striim blog, A Comprehensive Guide to Operational Analytics John Kutay draws our attention to that important subset of Business Intelligence that is identified as Operational Analytics.” That is an interesting angle and a new way to look at the problem! Take a look!

Lusis article addresses a topic of traditional banks versus Fintechs: “Retail payments are a route to profitability for banks, but it’s also a route to market share and new customers. FinTechs have one main advantage in the market – flexibility.” But do they? Read the article to find out more!

Pyalla Technologies, LLC writes this time: “In this update from Pyalla Technologies space is usually devoted to the promotion of various blog posts but in case you missed the news it was a March 22, 2022 HPE’s announcement in the Financial Times that caught our attention. Did you read it? Did you see it? If you missed it, the article in question is HPE GreenLake Selected by Worldline to Modernize Mission-Critical Payments…”

Yes, NonStop and GreenLake – you need to read it!

There is a Special Announcement in this issue of the NonStop Insider: “Connect, together with members of the Connect community, is pleased to announce the creation of a new Tech Forum, Business Intelligence & Analysis (BI&A). We have all heard senior HPE executives refer to how data is created on NonStop but what comes next? To be valued by the enterprise data created on NonStop needs to be moved. It needs to be analyzed. It needs to lead to better business insights.”


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Margo Holen
Managing Editor