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Issue 6.6 Editorial


Editorial August 2022

So, just like that, the summer is coming to an end! Kids are getting back to school, students arriving at the dormitories … evenings are getting cooler. Everyone is getting ready for the upcoming in-person events, with TBC 2022 at the top of the list!

Business is picking up, and you will read in the NTI’s article of how “In the news release published August 24, 2022, this expanding of the ecosystem supporting DRNet® that already includes partnerships with TANDsoft  will now include TCM and prove beneficial to all members of the NonStop community”

TCM’s article says: “As has been published in the August 24, 2022 news release, NTI and TCM partner to support HPE NonStop users deploying DRNet®. The bilateral nature of this agreement is such that both parties will be able to call on each other as circumstances dictate. Furthermore, both parties have agreed to displaying each other’s approved corporate logos on respective websites as well as on select collateral, including that which will appear in product presentations”

ETI in its article points out to benefits of its partnership with HPE: “Our culture is heavily entrenched in partnerships. ETI-NET has enjoyed global success as a result of partnerships and yet, there is no letup in the technology advances that continue to have us looking at what needs to be provided next. It is a commitment to the NonStop community that we have made a very long time ago and in so doing, it has influenced NonStop customers, the NonStop team and HPE. It has been a serious contribution to ensuring that products we have in development are aligned with the market needs identified by HPE and the HPE NonStop team. “

Infrasoft’s article also talks about partnerships– in addition to well established relationships with comforte and HPE “The most recent addition to our partnership portfolio has seen Infrasoft form a close relationship with TIC Software.  We’re very excited about the consultative sales approach that Phil Ly and his team bring to our newer solutions, an approach that has already seen a new sale of uLinga for Kafka in the US.  We work closely with the TIC team, as we do with all our partners, to take on feedback from customers and prospects that constantly shape our product roadmaps, ensuring our products are a good fit for market needs.”

Gravic talks about a new Shadowbase release and great news: “Gravic is proud to announce that Jonathan Sechrist has joined our Shadowbase team, with a focus on business development in Japan” We all know Jonathan and wish him the best.

Frans Jongma article addresses the issue of the reluctance in the established customer environments to adopting change. Frans ends his article with : “…adopting the use of OSS will silently remove the hurdle that has kept many from using NonStop SQL/MX to use existing data for new applications. And it allows a smooth introduction of SQL/MX native tables that support hash partitioning”

CSP addresses changes to the rules in PCI-DSS v4.0 – did you know that CSP maintains the knowledge base that is accessible to us all? “For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor