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Issue 7.1 Editorial


Editorial October 2022

We all are looking forward to the in-person NonStop Technical Boot Camp, TBC 2022!

Connect and HPE have put a lot of effort in organizing this event with many volunteers from the Vendor community stepping in, as always, to land a hand!

So, what will be new this year?

In person! Back in the Bay Area!

Monday afternoon’s The Design Challenge! Read more and sign up!

Tuesday afternoons inaugural Birds of a Feather gathering in support of a new Connect Tech Forum, Business Integration and Analysis – a session that will be a pleasant mix of social and business discussions. Read more and plan on participating!

No wonder most of the articles in this pre-TBC 2022 issue of the NonStop Insider are focused on the event. You will get a chance to read what will be presented and when that will help you make your scheduling decisions!

Comforte writes: “It will be an eagerly anticipated event and comforte is excited to meet customers, partners, and fellow vendors in real life. We will be a Platinum Sponsor and will hold two talks in the Vendor Theatre, both on Security. The first presentation is on how to ‘Achieve HPE NonStop system compliance and meet forensic needs’, while the second talk is on ‘Data Centric Security and Secured Data Analytics’.”

CSP plans to showcase new vendor relations, new marketing partnerships, and just announced solutions at NonStop TBC 22. “As a Platinum Sponsor, we have an opportunity to present two exciting new solutions for securing NonStop applications, CSP Authenticator+®, and the new Vulnerability Scanner™. These new solutions have been the highlights of our most recent presentations, including BITUG and CTUG, and are generating considerable interest within the NonStop community.”

ETI says: “At the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 that is now just a few days away from kick-off, ETI-NET will feature a new level of protection based on the combination of BackBox and QoreStor®.”

GRAVIC will have multiple presentations: read more in the article, but here is a snapshot:

“Recent HPE Shadowbase releases and new features to solve various enterprise challenges.” Look then to the HPE Business Continuity Product Suite Update,  that comes with the recommendation to “Attend this talk to understand how HPE Business Continuity products complement HPE NonStop systems to continuously maintain the availability of your data and applications.”

It will cover “the latest data integration and data streaming techniques for integrating your data across the enterprise in a hybrid IT world – including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Hana, SAP Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.”

Among the multiple sessions there will be the presentation “Central Bank of Oman Dramatically Improves its Payment Switch’s Availability!” We all like to hear about real world customer experiences.

NTI article talks about TBC 2022 of course. “As we head into the NonStopTBC22 and in further recognition of NTI and its pursuit of continuous adaptation, NTI will be taking the wraps of DRNet®/Unified for Social Good. However, to find out more about this new product packaging, you will just have to attend the event.”

NTI also writes about ecosystems around NonStop and how NTI is “creating its own path through infrastructure and middleware product portfolios to ensure that best-of-breed products remain available … While it is common practice to provide customer references following a successful product implementation, in this case, with the ecosystem NTI has become a part of, it’s just as important to hear from the partners themselves” Read the article!

Richard Buckle wrote an article in The Connection dedicated to the ecosystems and here, in this issue of NonStop Insider you can read all about it. Look for his article, “The emergence of multiple software ecosystems.”

In TANDsoft’s article you will read: “We’re pleased to be attending the upcoming 2022 NonStop Technical Boot Camp—the first time this event will be taking place in person in a few years.  TANDsoft is a Silver sponsor and we’ll be exhibiting in the event’s Partner Pavilion.”

OmniPayments writes: “To learn more about the OmniWallet, please visit our website at, or talk to one of our representatives at the TBC event in Burlingame, California this Nov 8-10.”

Make sure you read an HPE contributed article, Connecting Tableau with NonStop Database SQL/MX, by Shanice Abigail, HPE APAC Data Solutions.

Shanice opens with: “The NonStop system is the industry’s most Open and Advanced fault-tolerant systems out in the industry — even 40 over years after it was introduced, financial institutions and retailers are still putting their trust in the system designed to keep critical business applications running 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

This article then serves as complimentary material to the existing “Tableau Tutorial to their desktop client” — the tutorial is already pretty well done so do check it out to continue exploring Tableau’s features while being connected to your SQL/MX database.

In the Striim article “Into the Clouds? Striim moves data to clouds in real time for analytics,” you will read about two new offerings from Striim, “Should your enterprise be looking to capitalize on Google and its cloud services then Striim for BigQuery may be an option” and “those NonStop users with strong connections to Microsoft, there is support today in Striim for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.” Read the article to find out more!

Yes, it is a content packed issue but as you travel to Burlingame, CA, I hope you will enjoy reading it!

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor