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Issue 7.4 Editorial


Editorial April 2023

In this April issue of the NonStop Insider you will read an article by Shanice Abigail where she writes: “It’s April 2023 which means the first of the APAC Roadshows has wrapped up its comeback since the pandemic.” The first stop was Indonesia and then sometime in June the show moves to Thailand, Taiwan and Korea.

The event was by invitation only and not surprisingly Gravic was in attendance. You will read in Gravic Shadowbase article: “After a 40-hour (record-setting) flight and layover, Jonathan Sechrist, Director – Business Development, Asia-Pacific & Japan, finally arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia to represent Gravic at this exciting event, held in mid-March. On the first day, Jonathan presented on HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity to potential NonStop customers and on HPE Shadowbase Data Replication and Utilities to existing NonStop customers.”

Brian Miller, Lusis’ General Manager, wrote about the Tango product, but also about the importance of the choice of partnerships: “Sustained success requires a journey of continuous problem solving, where WHO you work with, and HOW you work together, has a higher impact on your successes than the fine detail of WHAT you start with. A ‘Pick What’s There’ mindset fails because your needs will change faster than you think – because the game changes faster than you can predict.”

Interestingly, NTI’s article talks about a new partnership with U.S. Consulting Services, Inc. and then goes to say:” There remain other NonStop vendors where discussions are still ongoing and it is the desire of the NTI management team to create a collection of services that ultimately place the participants on a level footing with what the HPE NonStop team has assembled. The history of NonStop, indeed its very success through the decades, has been based on the presence of multiple vendors providing product opening up the selection process to choice.”

CSP team’s article also talks about an in-person event! “CSP will continue to support the NonStop community by participating as a Gold Sponsor in the upcoming pan-European E-BITUG event in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 15 to 17. You will not want to miss our presentation on Vulnerability Management & Compliance for NonStop Systems.” And then there is CTUG, June 7 – 8; another event not to be missed!

The TCM team is ready for the event in Edinburgh: “There is always a recognizable advantage when you are the home team. When it comes to an event in Edinburgh, there is so much that your TCM team knows about the town, its castle passageways and lanes, where to find the best restaurants and pubs and perhaps most important of all, where to go for a wee dram of whisky. The home team always plays to the crowd and this year, with the European NonStop Symposium, E-BITUG, about to kickoff, there will definitely be a crowd coming to Edinburgh that will find the hospitality afforded by TCM something to remember.”

The ETI team will be in Scotland in May as well: “Whether this involves tapping the resources of a public cloud service provider or simply integrating NonStop into private cloud infrastructures, the elasticity of provisioning and the access to otherwise inaccessible services hold the promise for NonStop of even greater participation in the mission critical application support within an enterprise. In just a short time, the NonStop community gathers in Edinburgh, Scotland, for the pan-European BITUG event. Expectations are high that further news about NonStop and its support of clouds will feature strongly in many vendor presentations. And once again, ETI-NET will be Gold Sponsor of the event.”

Richard Buckle wrote about the newly released IDC report and I detected a tad of emotion in his article: “It is only later in the IDC report that they then acknowledge that ‘The HPE Superdome Flex, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, delivers on most of the 12 tenets for enterprise class computing, as defined by IDC.’ Yes, most of the 12 tenets but then no indication really of what was overlooked. Now, to be very clear, the HPE SuperDome Flex represents a family of successfully marketed enterprise-class computers, they have established a very loyal community of users. In many ways this is no different to what we observe with the NonStop community. Yet, with the initiatives completed by the NonStop development team that visibly align with the 12 tenets of enterprise class computing at no time has IDC ever said that HPE NonStop “almost” delivers enterprise class computing.”

We have three articles from our HPE friends, thank you!

A very interesting read from Frans Jongma, HPE Advanced Technology Center, on the subject of cloud computing!
“The scalability that is promised by cloud-native applications is because they are architected without bottlenecks while the resilience of those applications is thanks to the replication of multiple instances over multiple, independently operating compute engines (aka servers). These same principles, stateless services and the use of instances all providing the same business service and running on multiple logical processors, were fundamental of the working of the NonStop architecture. Consider these logical processors, or CPUs, as many still like to call them, as nodes in a cluster and is not hard to spot the resemblance with a small private cloud.”

Keith Moore, HPE Distinguished Technologist, writes specifically about ransomware and when it comes to NonStop:

“I say all of this not to shelve the concern, but rather to express the perspective that NonStop users likely has some time to address any future attacks that could come to any computer. NonStop users should develop specific detailed plans to address this concern at the same level at which they have disaster recovery plans. In all cases, the NonStop systems management must address all appropriate computer security procedures and should also focus on data protection and system-wide recovery schemes.”

Justin Simonds, HPE Distinguished Technologist, in his article talks about security of the NonStop systems and he concludes:

“Overall, HPE NonStop provides a highly secure environment for mission-critical applications, and its security features and partner products are continuously updated and improved to address new security threats and challenges.

There has never been a successful attack against a HPE NonStop system.  Let’s keep it that way.”

CSP’s article touches on the same topic: “We first promoted our CSP Vulnerability Scanner™ at the 2022 BIG SIG event in London. This tool is a vulnerability scanning and reporting solution for HPE NonStop systems that analyzes risks and identifies vulnerabilities by checking the NonStop system configuration, access permissions, and security settings.”

From Pyalla Technologies, LLC: “Real Time View has been the primary blog of Pyalla Technologies, LLC. Posts first appeared on August 20, 2007 and there has been a steady stream of posts ever since.” And then  “…some 640 posts read more than 540,000 times, changes have begun starting with this issue. If you have begun reading the latest issue of The Connection you will find the return of the column Real Time View and it marks the beginning of a commitment for even greater support of the Connect community. The origins of the blog Real Time View began with the switch from a column in The Connection to the blog so it only seems reasonable to find that the blog is now returning to this Connect community digital publication.”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor