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Issue 7.5 Editorial


Editorial June 2023

TANDsoft is known for its product’s fantastic performance – but it is not only really fast, it can help in migrations!

“Today, NonStop customers can leverage solutions from TANDsoft that facilitate zero-downtime migrations. Customers can employ these solutions in tandem:

  • FileSync. To meet their continuity objectives, leading organizations rely on FileSync, our pioneering replication and synchronization solution. FileSync employs a block-level approach that offers breakthrough speed and scalability. FileSync automatically monitors, replicates, and synchronizes files and application environments between NonStop servers.
  • FS Compare and Repair. FS Compare and Repair offers fast, advanced capabilities for ensuring your databases are kept in sync at all times. FS Compare and Repair can validate and repair HPE NonStop Enscribe files, OSS files, and SQL/MP and SQL/MX tables. The solution employs a market-leading, block-level approach that offers breakthrough speed and scalability. In a customer test, the solution did a comparison of 10,000,000 records in 13 seconds and of a 1 TB multi-partitioned file in 10 minutes.

Read the article, it is a good story!

comforte’s article discusses issues associated with use of passwords and risks associated with them:” Why are passwords such a major security risk? A big part of the reason boils down to insider negligence. Put simply, employees often don’t use or manage them securely.”

CSP writes about its new product: “When it comes to identifying possible vulnerabilities, CSP is committed to the promotion of its product designed to assist with this identification process, CSP Vulnerability Scanner™. It is a tool we developed with input from our base of NonStop customers and it scans and checks NonStop system configurations, access permissions and security settings, analysis, identifies and then reports back to NonStop managers.”

4tech also addresses systems security and the article here is referencing 4tech’s blog: “In his latest blog post published to the 4tech web site, Greg Swedosh, CTO, 4tech Software provides a detailed analysis of what it means to build defences that can withstand today’s attacks on the systems we depend on in support of our mission-critical applications.”

It really is a reflection on the times we are living in – ETI-NET article talks about protection from Ransomware and quotes ETI NET Coo, Benoit Caron: “‘At ETI-NET we recognize that the conversation has turned to not only how best to optimize usage of cloud resources but how best to leverage cloud provided services (e.g., S3) to air gap systems for the purpose of recovering from Ransomware attacks,’ said Benoit. Which is to say, that as the NonStop team continues on its journey from a proprietary, traditional, system package comprised of hardware and software to where it is simply a software solution virtualized for deployment on server farms inhouse or collocated or perhaps on private or public clouds, ETI-NET is committed to embracing these changes and to delivering the backup protection our NonStop customers’ demand.”

Nexbridge article talks about the use of NSGit for Ransomware protection – please read the article – I particularly enjoyed this part: “It is all about translation. Files on your local NonStop machine may be subject to Ransomware, but once git translates them into a repository in your private or public Cloud, the Ransomware cannot touch them without being a detected change. If it does not appear to change to NSGit, it is not a change. Or quoting Spock:

A difference which makes no difference is no difference.”

This year’s E-BTUG was held in Edinburgh and TCM hosted many activities. Read the article, here is a snapshot: “As a Platinum Sponsor, TCM had the opportunity to speak to the NonStop community and we took full advantage of what was afforded us. On the Wednesday morning it was the combination of Andy Vasey and Rick Stather representing TCM with the first vendor plenary session that followed the morning’s all-important NonStop product management update. How InSight stops Oversight was the title of our presentation and it was very well attended. However, it was the breakout session of the Tuesday, vNS: To InfiniBand & Beyond, by Shiva Subramanian where we saw for the first time a standing-room only attendance by the NonStop community.”

Yes, I was there and found a little space under the window – it was crowded!

NTI also wrote about the E-BTUG conference: “Our Platinum Sponsorship gave us the opportunity to give the first vendor plenary session following the opening presentations by the HPE NonStop team. What was especially pleasing was to see as many attendees return after the coffee break to hear Richard Buckle of Pyalla Technology give his presentation.”

And then: “Two themes were the focus of the presentation – the emergence of business resilience and with it the need to absorb change and adapt as well as the support that comes from a thriving ecosystem. Having absorbed the news that a small group of NonStop vendors were now part of the HPE price book and that for the majority of vendors looking to grow their business, the playing field had tilted in the favor of the HPE sales team, it was important to communicate how NTI was embracing the challenge this presented.”

Do read the article as it talks about steps taken by NTI and CSP to advance the “level field” for vendors with products not listed on HPE price book.

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor