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As NonStop supporters TCM depends upon muscle memory to augment our skillsets





Of the many sports you can witness as a spectator perhaps the most angst-ridden is cliff diving. Once the sole pastime of native central American Indians residing near Acapulco, it is now a competitive professional sport. In an interview one participant provided, he made it very clear that once he leaves the platform, his body takes over. It’s all about muscle memory as the diver has so little time to change any aspect of his dive.

Athletes train exhaustingly to ensure that for any given situation their response happens automatically. Basketball players will practice their shots over and over again and golfers tirelessly hit golf balls with the same club for hours. It’s all about having that magical ability to look at where you want to place the ball or even where is your dive entry and then make it happen. There may be little to get excited about, practicing till the repetition creates paths between our eyes, our minds and our bodies, but without muscle memory confidence in playing any sport would diminish.

We may not think about it all that much but when it comes to IT and to HPE NonStop systems, IT professionals develop muscle memory over time. We call it memory or even possibly an intuition just as we equate it with skill sets – a problem arises and IT professionals respond without a moment’s hesitation. They have seen it before and know the steps that need to be taken to minimize any potential dangers. The best IT professionals often have knowledge that spans multiple systems and applications and their help is invaluable.

The concept of muscle memory applying to IT professionals was addressed in the latest article published in the June 2021 issue of NonStop Insider. While not directly referenced, it was hard to miss as the topic of access to skillsets is among the most valuable aspects of the services TCM provides. In that article you will see this referenced numerous times none more specific than the following:

“Whenever we are called upon to support a NonStop customer,” said TCM CEO, Daniel Craig, “we realize we are not just another partner working with the customer but rather, an independent source of expertise that otherwise might be hard to find. Just as your NonStop team may not know the application well so too your solutions provider may not be current on everything that comes with today’s NonStop system.”

This happens to be especially true when we help out a new NonStop customer who may not have the necessary skillsets to manage a NonStop at hand. What we have encountered through the years while we have been supporting NonStop users is that for many of them, while management fully understands the value proposition of NonStop they are overly cautious about anyone touching the NonStop.  Whether it is through lack of experience or the nonexistence of any form of practicing, TCM can readily meet this need – we have the muscle memory and we can access those with the necessary skillsets any NonStop customer may face.

Furthermore, and important in today’s fast changing world of NonStop, “TCM can help migrate both your systems AND your applications including the latest payments solutions, treating them as one unified solution,” said Craig. “We can take a proposal to our NonStop customer, the benefits of one partner migrating both the system and the solution where we highlight the efficiencies in costs, the improved communication etc., as well as the peace of mind that comes with handing off all this effort and risk to TCM.”

We may not harbor any ambitions to dive off a cliff, but rest assured we have been practicing NonStop for a very long time. However, it is the view of TCM’s Craig that, “We have the experience to support almost all of the systems and solutions and on the off-chance we run into something new, we know who to reach out to for more informed insights as to how best to manage.” Expressed another way, we have the memory of who can do what, and do it well, simply from being there working alongside our customers.

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