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comForte provides a full slate of sessions for 2017 NonStop Technical Boot Camp

From security to big data to transforming traditional applications comForte will be covering it all!




As a staunch support of events for the NonStop community around the world, when it comes to the biggest gathering of NonStop stakeholders for 2017, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (Boot Camp, or simply TBC), there will be no shortage of pre-conference seminars or breakout sessions.

comForte will be present at Booth #3 and should you be walking by, then stop by to talk with the team. While the Partner Pavilion will be a showcase for all Boot Camp sponsors and their products and services, don’t forget that the Sequoia Ballroom will be nearby with plenty of customer meeting space for those times when greater in-depth discussions are required.

Once again, there will be comForte presentations that will cover ground familiar to many attendees. However, there will also be a couple of sessions that may be better described as being outside the box and these two sessions qualify. If these topics are something you would like to know more about, then make sure you take time to hear what comForte has to say:


How the new ANSI X9 standard for tokenization will help you meet compliance and regulation requirements

by Henning Horst, co-editor of the ANSI X9.119-2 tokenization standard released in August 2017

ASC X9 promotes standards in which financial organizations use to structure their security strategies and programs. Did you know that comForte is a contributing member for the ANSI X9 standards and one of its team members is the author of the tokenization standard that was published in August of 2017?  At TBC2017 you can hear how this standard was developed and why it is important in regards to Data Protection on NonStop systems.


Git on Guardian – The Next Generation SCM Ecosystem for NonStop

by Randall Becker

Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in files and is primarily used for in software development source code management (SCM). Git is free software, open source as it is often called, and is wildly popular among developers and programmers.  Did you know that GitHub, a remote repository of source code distributed via Git, is a Top 40 most-accessed website in the US, with as much traffic as Dropbox and PayPal?  Randall Becker, of Nexbridge Inc designed a NonStop version of Git that provides source code management beyond OSS (which is a limitation of the open source Git version) down to the Guardian level.  At TBC2017 you can learn how ‘NSGit’ works and how it can reduce complexities around SCM.  comForte and Nexbridge are working closely together to enable companies interested in NSGit the opportunity to explore options.


These are but two of the sessions comForte will be providing and to find out more about comForte’s full slate of seminars and sessions, check out the following link: