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Expanding NonStop Opportunities – Update



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In previous NonStop Insider articles along with CAIL presentations at NYTUG and  ETBC / BITUG – insights were provided on “ Expanding NonStop Opportunities “. This is based on the unique attributes of NonStop to improve business outcomes in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world. And create greater awareness that NonStop should be the platform of choice for very demanding information services that are essential to the business – to better position the organization for success.  Fundamentally it’s about increasing NonStop appeal by showing how the platform meaningfully contributes to the business performing for Customers and the organization, while mitigating risks from system outages / User down-time.

This contrasts with traditional NonStop messaging that is typically technically oriented and notes NonStop is the only system achieving IDC’s AL4 highest platform rank for availability “out of the box”. Since very high availability and scalability are what organizations need today, there is also a need to engage with Corporate Executives to articulate what this means in business terms.
Going forward, the options to expand NonStop appeal are –

A. an Application Centric Model  –  a solution that typically includes HPE infrastructure and Partner software

…. as new Partners come on board, this is a well-established scenario to grow

B. Aligning Applications and Platforms  –  to run Customers applications that have become essential to the business on NonStop

… based on  Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop

C. making Business Innovation more rewarding  –  top down / business lead strategy to drive demand for information services on NonStop

…  based on


Further, from articles published in the recent The Connection magazine (Click here to read this issue of The Connection!), insights from Franz Koenig of HPE and Ron Thompson of CAIL highlight the different and complimenting approaches  –

  1. HPE is very good at explaining the technical aspects of technology

– which is important for IT buy-in

  1. CAIL is very good at explaining the business aspects of technology

– which is important for LOB / Business Executive buy-in

Because of this, to tell both sides of the story, collaboration by both parties improves optics for NonStop with a greater appreciation of how NonStop meaningfully contributes to improving outcomes – by Business and IT decision makers.

Extending on the results achieved with the current HPE selling model A above and technology life cycle upgrades, with Scenarios B and C, there are additional options to increase NonStop relevance.

With a shared interest in Expanding NonStop Opportunities , please forward any comments or suggestions to HPE or CAIL at  or  905-940-9000.


Ron Thompson –    CAIL   –  –     –   905-940-9000