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Gravic: A summary of accomplishments




The Gravic team’s heavy workload has recently produced articles while presenting on HPE Shadowbase on both sides of the Atlantic. What follows here is a summary of accomplishments since we last published in the NonStop Insider.

Gravic Publishes Article on How to Successfully Host a Hackathon

Gravic recently published an article, From Hacker to Hackathon – History in the Making! in the May/June issue of The Connection. The article includes highlights from planning, scheduling, coordinating, and hosting our first-ever hackathon, which has now become a highly anticipated annual event. Our employees enjoyed a tremendous team-building experience, were exposed to new ways to solve problems, and learned some exciting concepts. This article also reviews the history of hacking, hacker culture, and how other companies could hold their own hackathons. We would like to thank Gravic’s Learning and Development Committee for organizing this event!

Gravic Publishes Technical Article on Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

Gravic recently published an article, A Modern Look at Reliability, Availability, and Scalability, in the May/June issue of The Connection. Availability and reliability are complimentary measures, and they each deserve equal consideration for mission-critical applications. Enterprises want both 100% availability and 100% reliability but can never achieve 100% for either. Availability is the proportion of time that an application or system is running and properly operating, and is measured in “9’s.” This article explores data integrity as a measurement of reliability, what affects data integrity, and what level of data integrity is needed. In short, businesses with mission-critical applications must seek to drive their Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Integrity Point Objective (IPO), and Integrity Time Objective (ITO) all to zero. Next, this series will explore ways to improve reliability, measure IPO and ITO, and explore several new architectures that will yield superior results for mission-critical systems.

HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at the First ETBC: European Technical Boot Camp

gravic june 19 - 1

At the recently held ETBC, we participated in a Partner Technical Update and also presented a new case study, Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications. Attendees enjoyed our other presentation, HPE Shadowbase Product Update and Enterprise Use Cases. During this event, we reconvened with customers and HPE personnel and learned about the growing HPE NonStop opportunities in the European market. We toured historical Edinburgh, including the castle with its medieval style and grey stone architecture. We dined at some nice local restaurants, while sampling Scottish spirits on a whiskey tasting tour. We would like to thank the local HPE team for meeting with us, along with Collin Yates from TCM and the eBITUG committee, for their hard work in organizing this successful event.

HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at HPE NonStop Customer Event in Santiago, Chile

gravic june 19 - 2

This past week, we participated in the HPE NonStop Customer Event held in Santiago, Chile. On Wednesday, attendees enjoyed an official welcoming by Orlando Riquelme and various presentations, including two given by Alfredo Villarroel: NonStop Present and Future and HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions and Product Updates. On Thursday, attendees viewed a short NonStop video and other various vendor presentations, and participated in a closing cocktail reception at the Sky Costanera.

Gravic Presents a Connect Tech Forum at HPE Discover

gravic - june 19 - 3

Gravic will present a Connect Tech Forum, Unleash the Value in Your Data! at HPE Discover in Las Vegas on Wednesday, June 19.  Please join us to discuss data analytics, big data, and data protection and management. Different hardware, different databases, different protocols – how can valuable business data locked in one system be made available to all? HPE data distribution software liberates your trapped data, allowing it to be easily shared across systems and applications for new business purposes – Real Time Business Intelligence, Online Data Warehousing, Big Data Distribution, and more. This session discusses real world use cases where customers quickly and easily leveraged their data in new ways.


Gravic always looks forward to hearing from you…

If you are interested in discussing our presentations’ content or would like us to present these or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us.

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