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HPE HQ hosts NonStop Partner Symposium

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Partner Symp - sep 19 -1

For the very first time the NonStop vendor community met at the new headquarters of HPE as invited guests of the NonStop team. The occasion was the fourth gathering of vendors for the NonStop Partner Symposium – the annual, must attend event, for all vendors to hear directly from the NonStop team about projects and development ideas together with some intriguing insights into research – after all, R & D isn’t solely about the D even among the NonStop team.

Partner Symp - sep 19 -2

Of course, it was very well attended and at times the discussions were lively to say the least. While all attendees were under very tight restrictions following each attendee signing of Confidentiality Agreements (in advance, mind you), what can be revealed is that yes, if you had any doubts about showing up for this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) then put them to one side. There will be a lot of new info likely to be showcased for the very first time.

The day’s agenda was aggressive in that a lot of ground was covered. Fortunately, there was plenty of time set aside for networking and the NonStop vendor community has never been shy when it comes to mingling. It became very clear from the outset that there would be numerous muted conversations in corners of rooms as NonStop vendors digested information being provided. An evening reception back at the primary hotel ensured those discussions continued long into the night.

As for the new HPE HQ building, a number of attendees were given the opportunity to tour the floor where customer briefings are now held – and there’s no denying that the view provided from the glass ceiling to floor windows was spectacular! The whole southern end of “The Bay” can be seen and it is a backdrop that for those who will get to see this view, they will not likely forget! My advice? If you get an invitation to visit HPE HQ for presentations, accept!

Partner Symp - sep 19 -3

The point of the NonStop Partner Symposium is to give participating NonStop vendors time to digest the content of all that is disclosed in advance of the TBC. This is invaluable to the vendors in that they are then better prepared to answer questions from the NonStop user community as information is divulged at TBC – there is no worse feeling among vendors than if surprises are sprung on them at the same time as they are sprung on the NonStop user community.

It’s a brave move by the NonStop team to take vendors into their confidence in this manner but it is yet one more positive outcome from a team that wants everyone in the NonStop vendor community to be working with them towards the same goals. When you consider just how far NonStop has come in such a short time – from custom to industry standard and from proprietary to open and yes, from NonStop as traditional systems to NonStop as a collection of virtual machines the one take away that can be reveled is that the big bets HPE continues to place on the future success of NonStop continue to be made. HPE is aggressively investing in a bright future for NonStop.
See you at 2019 TBC in November!