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IR: Creating clarity and insight in a world of connected devices



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IR MAR 21 - 1

Corporate web sites are the source of much of the information we obtain about companies and products. They are subject to considerable investment even at a time when for many in IT, it is social media that provides information that is current and reflective of what’s happening right now. However, if you need to know more of what is driving the vision of a company or the strategy behind its products, then a well-maintained web site is the place to visit.

When it came to our web site here at IR, it has undergone many revisions over the years. The significance of this is our appreciation that not only is our corporate web site the source of information on our platform, Prognosis, but it is a powerful tool in support of perhaps our most valuable of all assets, our brand IR. Connecting our customers to our web site has to be easy for everyone to achieve and finding the site should be intuitive.

If this proves to be a prompt to check out our web site then it’s equally as important to understand our vision: Creating clarity and insight in a world of connected devices. It’s right there on the home page and for the NonStop community where the presence of NonStop systems within an enterprise data center is more often than not one of many systems, all connected. Whether you view your NonStop system as a front-end to mission critical Transaction Processor as we find with many financial institutions or as a back end Database Server accessible through industry-standard SQL calls, Prognosis provides clarity and insight. However, today there is much more to this message than simply appealing to data center managers tasked with the oversight of their heterogeneous IT deployments.

IR MAR 21 - 2

For IR, clarity and insight helps frame the solutions it has now aligned with different vertical markets. IR is the brand we all see being promoted in the marketplace even as Prognosis is the platform underpinning the products contributing to these solutions, but as connectivity takes many forms these days, it is allowing us to respond more quickly to changing market conditions. The Prognosis platform had been supporting VoIP for some time but just a year ago there was little to predict the explosion in use of products like ZOOM and TEAMS. And yet, the platform has evolved to underpin cloud-based solutions for both these products.

To give even greater clarity to the alignment of our solutions with markets IR has introduced three solutions brands: IR Collaborate, IR Transact and IR Infrastructure. For many in the NonStop community, IR Infrastructure is self-explanatory as it is perhaps the solution that has been in the market the longest and is familiar to all who are engaged in operating NonStop systems. For those in the NonStop community who utilize the key attributes of NonStop in support of payments processing, IR Transact will also look familiar. As for ZOOM and TEAMS support, their users are being targeted by IR Collaborate whose origins lie with the work previously done in support of VoIP and where the initial work came out of a deep port of the Prognosis platform to open platforms.

It is this decoupling of the Prognosis platform from the various solutions stacks where future magic will appear. IR now has the flexibility to add more solution stacks as market requirements appear – the Prognosis platform will simply be the lowest layer in the framework utilized by any new solution. Just as important for the NonStop users is that decoupled in this fashion, the Prognosis platform can then evolve to leverage new capabilities of the NonStop software stack as they appear. Already there is more than passing interest in NonStop SQL as a Data Base Server (DBS) and with a Cloud Edition that is about to appear where the platform Prognosis can accommodate with little to no impact on the solution brands.

IR MAR 21 - 3

Neither IR nor Prognosis are taking a back seat to the solutions with the creation of the current three solution brands. Quite the opposite, as we are creating the clarity and insight into our vision and strategy to the same extent we are clarifying it all for our customers. With as many opinions and commentaries as there are today concerning hybrid IT, microservices, APIs and much more, there is a need to be able to communicate to our customers and prospects alike a succinct message that embraces the many aspects of management, monitoring and analyzing that IT organizations demand.

To this end, the clarity and insight provided on our web site is a key ingredient in our commitment to ensure IR meets the needs of the many customer environments we support. And this is just the beginning as we prepare for the imminent arrival of clouds, virtualization, containers and as-a-service financing models that HPE assures the community will be taking place and that will include NonStop systems. Be assured we are aware and prepared and look forward to meeting the needs of all NonStop users no matter what steps they take in the way they deploy their NonStop applications.

Should you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your IR sales team. We look forward to addressing any topic that may be of interest to you and your enterprise.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring