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NTI – a strategy for DRNet® that is centered on data and you will be hearing even more at RUG events in 2020!



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nti jan 20 -1

NTI has been very pleased with the response it has received in 2019 at events held around the world. Whether it was in Australia, Scotland, or all points in between, it’s been highly encouraging to our NTI team to see so many NonStop community members approach us for information on DRNet®.  It would be no exaggeration to suggest that for many NonStop users, the progress that DRNet® has made over the course of the past two years has come as a surprise. Likewise, among the NonStop vendor community there are those that are coming to us with an interest to join our small but growing group of partnerships.

Whenever we think of the NonStop user community, almost immediately we are drawn towards the much bigger ecosystem that the NonStop community enjoys – a highly motivated group of vendors focused on NonStop that fund development independent of HPE. As it was stated more than once at the major NonStop events in Edinburgh and Burlingame and repeated at smaller events like ATUG, Atlanta, no other group within HPE has as big a partner ecosystem committed to a HPE product line as does NonStop.

The subtlety here is that whereas other product lines look to channels for sales the NonStop product line looks to partners for development assistance – leaving open the more critical parts of the NonStop Kernel (NSK) to HPE’s own NonStop developers. Freeing up critical NonStop resources in this manner has helped HPE deliver NonStop products more rapidly than at any time in its history. We may look back fondly to the duopoly of VLX and CLX and perhaps even as Cyclone made its first appearance in 1989 so too did the original Integrity S2 – a Unix server based on Triple Modular Redundancy.

With what we are seeing today, the moves to bring to the community Converged NonStop systems, Virtualized Converged Systems, Virtualized NonStop and yes, even NonStop and NonStop SQL as Services, NSaaS / DBaaS, are providing options as to how best deploy NonStop that are broader than we can recall happening at any other time: #NonStopRocks !!! By this we mean, the potential to add new logos to the NonStop community has never been better and for 2020 we anticipate seeing many more enterprises / industry markets penetrated by NonStop than ever before.

nti jan 20 -2

Too bullish? To hear HPE executives talk about NonStop as a place where data is created while promoting the central message of HPE that data is the new currency of business has NTI more excited by what lies ahead than at any time in the past. So much so that last year, it helped us develop a new message for DRNet® built on the promise of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data Why Provisioning? Whether it is due to natural occurrences from floods to fires or simply taking to the highways in RVs or to the high seas in yachts – provisioning is all about supplying something for use while at the same time, being prepared for any potential liabilities arising from unexpected occurrences. When it comes to data there is an understanding that with data provisioning, you will encounter “a process of creating, preparing, and enabling an infrastructure (including a network) to provide data to its user.”

Taking a step back, for NTI it’s always been about the data. Business Continuity for instance is built around the premise that files important for the continuous running of any mission critical application can be accessed no matter what and in a manner that is not observable by a NonStop users’ clientele. A NonStop system is truly fault tolerant, less so the data center itself, unfortunately. In world where business scatters data centers quite liberally around the globe, it only makes sense to provision these systems to afford backup should situations develop that call for their intervention to ensure those mission critical applications continue to run.

nti jan 20 -3

This has proved to be the starting point for NTI as it continues to develop product offerings that extend beyond business continuity with data replication and into business integration, distribution and transformation. PROVisioning: Excellence in Data is all about NTI’s commitment to get the data to where it’s needed, when it’s needed while ensuring business continuity. Today, NTI provides DRNet® to any NonStop user running J-Level OS and L-Level OS on NonStop; DRNet®  supports traditional NonStop systems as well as virtualized NonStop and shortly, DRNet® will be leveraging the more popular consumption based deployment options whereby DRNet® as-a-Service will be coming soon. There will be much to look forward to from DRNet® in 2020!

NTI’s commitment to the NonStop community will likewise go from strength to strength. Priorities for NTI in 2020 will be creating further product offerings for DRNet®/Vision for Splunk> – for instance BASE24 as a source is already being piloted and support of Splunk> as a target will be joined with support for Hadoop, Kafka, ELK and more will follow. This was addressed recently in a post to the NTI Blog, NTI – looking forward to the promise of 2020!  NTI’s commitment to NonStop community events will be growing even stronger as we have already committed to this year’s Europe’s NonStop HotSpot – Conference & Exhibition event to be held in Berlin. But if you cannot wait until May to hear more about NTI and its vision of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data you can always catch us early in the year when we visit Florida for SunTUG!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg: If your plans include participation at either of these events look for us and make sure you come and talk with us to discuss your plans for data across your enterprise no matter how you plan on implementing NonStop in 2020. We  would be only too pleased to share more details about our vision that today is all centered on data – yes, we are truly entering an era where data is the new currency of business!  Of course feel free to call us any time – we will be glad to tell you more about our offerings.
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