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Once again, it was time to head to the airport to grab flights that took NTI down to Dallas / Fort Worth for the big NonStop community event in Grapevine. N2TUG has traditionally been a great community where extremely loyal NonStop users can be found and this time, at the Gaylord Resort venue, there was no disappointment with the community turning out in numbers. As we did in Edinburgh at ETBC, we invited Richard Buckle, an independent industry consultant from Pyalla Technologies, LLC to present and his slides appeared to have worked, generating interest among the NonStop community that attended the presentation.

Building on the theme first unveiled in Edinburgh – PROVisioning: Excellence in Data – NTI was able to capitalize on Richard’s presence at HPE Discover 2019 where he participated as a member of HPE’s Influencer program. During the course of his presentation there were several opportunities to feature highlights from this major HPE event to further illustrate the strategy and value proposition of NTI’s vision featuring DRNet®. This vision, anchored on data replication now extends into data integration, data distribution and data transformation. Perhaps the best example of how NTI is executing to this vision is how NTI has used DRNet® / Vision for Splunk to anchor its data integration deliverables.

nti july 19 - 2

PROVisioning: Excellence in Data is about to get even more exciting for the NonStop community as NTI has just begun testing its support for JSON. While there are many NonStop customers that don’t mind passing through a gateway server on their way to data warehouses / data lakes, with NTI supporting JSON as part of its DRNet® / Vision for Splunk product these gateway servers can be bypassed, lowering latency and increasing performance across the links. Increasingly, enterprises are turning to products like Splunk to better visualize all that is happening within their mission critical systems and for the NonStop community, where NonStop systems are oftentimes at the very heart of the mission critical systems, this new capability will likely prove very popular.

When considering the marketplace for data replication, it is often the case that customers are looking for replication products to do a lot more than simply extract from one database to populate another as part of their business continuity strategy. Together, support for JDBC and JSON connectivity options allow data generated on NonStop by mission critical transaction processing solutions to be distributed almost anywhere across the enterprise. And beyond! Furthermore, by utilizing a Change Data Capture (CDC) approach at the source, NTI utilizes a low-impact, log-based techniques that run independently of the application and it is DRNet® asynchronous model that also allows it to coexist with any other log-based solutions of which there are many in use today.

nti july 19 - 3

NTI will get the data to where it’s needed
when it’s needed
while ensuring business continuity

NTI is now anticipating more interest being generated among the NonStop community in PROVisioning: Excellence in Data given the support HPE is giving to Hybrid IT. Combinations of DRNet® and DRNet® / Open now mean that any NonStop user can pull data from NonStop and distribute to any other system participating in the Hybrid IT deployments – distributing to the cloud and to popular cloud data warehouses / data lakes including popular implementations such as Snowflake. This is an important consideration when thinking about the longevity of your NonStop applications, as the future definitely will include a mix of traditional systems with virtualized clouds – both private and public. HPE has made its own strategy very clear in that it isn’t building the clouds or providing cloud experiences but rather making the inclusion of clouds within Hybrid IT a lot easier and in so doing, this strategy is inclusive of NonStop.

Yet again, it is this message of coexistence that is woven into PROVisioning: Excellence in Data because of its usage of log based CDC. Whether a NonStop user is looking to transition away from NonStop RDF or has a need to migrate off Oracle GoldenGate or simply looking for a solution that doesn’t mandate the presence of NonStop TMF, DRNet® might be the very solution needed to meet all the business needs of the enterprise. In his N2TUG presentation Richard made it very clear to the audience that the coexistence of DRNet® with a variety of products is likely to become more frequent in the future as rarely will the capabilities of just one product meet the needs of every enterprise. That is, of course, until they consider now the breadth of capabilities of DRNet® and all that comes with PROVisioning: Excellence in Data.

Should you have questions on NTI’s strategy along with its vision for where data will be headed, your NTI team is only too happy to listen to your business requirements and to work with you to ensure NonStop continues as a vital platform within your data center. For now it’s time to look at the RUG events coming up in the fall and to catching up with you, so yes, look for us and yes, take with you one of our Lamborghinis – perhaps the biggest hit of the events to date. Remember too, never hesitate in reaching out to the NTI team as we look forward to discussing all of this with you to assure you NTI has all your bases covered when it comes to data.

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